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المعلم المحترف

Suitable for individual teachers working with 1-2 classrooms. Easily create and share engaging & accessible learning materials, or engage students in creative collaboration. Helps students document their learning and develop new digital skills.

يبدأ من
$35 /year

جميع الميزات المجانية، بالإضافة إلى:

  • Unlimited Image publishing
  • يبدأ من 60 طالبًا
  • دولارين لكل طالب إضافي
  • التحرير التعاوني
  • إزالة شعارThingLink
  • دمج فرق ميكروسوف
  • 12,000 views per year
  • تحليل المشاركة

Enterprise Academic License

Supports a modern online learning infrastructure with advanced features & analytics. Suitable especially for secondary & higher education institutions looking to improve the quality and flexibility of online learning with immersive multimedia, virtual courses and real-life simulations that help develop new skills and understanding of complex environments and situations.

Price per user seat:
$9 /year

Minimum order 250 seats


  • 360° video & 3D object annotation
  • Qualitative learning data collection
  • Embeddable interactive content modules
  • Data collection on LMS
  • Account rep & Teacher PD trainings
  • Cloud-service integrations
  • Course development options and production service
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