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New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

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ThingLink for Teachers and Students

Instantly engage students with immersive and interactive learning materials that are fast and cost-effective to create. Reach more potential students with virtual tours of facilities.

ThingLink is an award-winning education technology platform. We make it easy for teachers and learners to create, share and learn from multimodal immersive experiences. Over 4 million teachers and students use ThingLink for creating accessible, immersive learning environments.

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Interactive Images Virtual Exhibitions Immersive 360s Created with AI Choice Boards & Interactive Infographics Virtual Campus Tours Virtual Classrooms Escape Rooms

Viking longship resource with talking characters created in D-ID by teacher Steve Archer

Savonlinna High School’s virtual exhibition of art co-created by students and teachers, including sculptures as 3D objects

The balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet recreated using Skybox by Blockade Labs by teacher Rob McCrae; giving students context and background to the story

An interactive, self-directed student choice board: ideal if students can’t attend school in-person, inspired by the original version created by Lorrie Salome from Austin ISD, TX

A virtual tour of the school campus created by Simon Luxford Moore and pupils from ESMS

A virtual learning environment for the youngest students: Amanda Pickard’s Bitmoji classroom

Titanic Virtual Escape Room by Dwitney Bethel for K12 students on Outschool

A learning tool for classrooms with diverse language backgrounds and reading abilities

ThingLink is the easy way to create multimedia interactive learning materials that are accessible via an integrated reading tool. All text descriptions in image or video hotspots can be read with Immersive Reader – in over 60 languages. ThingLink complies with WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards at AA level.

Easily create and document project-based learning.

ThingLink helps learners become fluent in using and combining multiple forms of media in class, at home or on location. Our iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to experience all the benefits of immersive learning on any mobile device.

Transform learning projects

ThingLink is ideal for a project-based approach to learning, regardless of subject matter! Our easy-to-master editor supports student-centered learning with intuitive and consistent drag-and-drop functionality. Students can create high quality interactive multimedia content to document and share their own learning journeys.

Combine interactive activities with assessment

Embed quizzes, forms and links to assess student learning, understanding and progress.

Skybox integration

Teachers and students can create virtual tours to new worlds, and recreate historical or literary contexts with the game-changing Skybox. Create escape rooms and point and click games to bring challenge and gamification to learning.

Competencies and skills development in real-world environments

Virtual tours are ideal when students need a deeper understanding of real-life situations that are otherwise out of their reach.

Interactive virtual environments created with 360° images and videos provide experiential learning in remote locations, cultures, work environments and novel social situations to develop contextual understanding and academic vocabulary.

ThingLink is the simplest way to create VR training with 360-degree videos and images of real-life situations. Create and share your virtual tours, walkthroughs and experiences anywhere, on any smartphone or mobile device. Alternatively activate VR mode to view on VR headsets.

Scenario Builder

Educators can use Scenario Based Learning (SBL) to develop technical and soft skills training. In immersive training environments that use branching scenarios, learners use role-play and problem-based learning to develop decision making, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills - all in a safe environment.

This immersive learning process has been shown to improve knowledge retention via active learning, and prepares learners for being hands-on in the real-world context. ThingLink’s Scenario Builder is the easiest way to create interactive scenarios for any learning outcome. Learner metrics allow you to track each decision point.

Collaborative learning

A collaborative learning tool that develops teamwork and communication skills and fosters deeper learning. With a school account, individual students can collaborate on ThingLinks in classes or small groups during project-based learning (PBL) projects.

Students' XR Environment made easy

Students can create their own virtual reality and augmented reality environments. Create student-led mixed reality exhibitions and tours by creating in the ThingLink Editor and the new AR App!

The easiest virtual tour creator

Pano to 360 by ThingLink is a completely free solution that is empowering teachers and students to create virtual tours without virtual tour software or a 360-degree camera. It uses the panoramic photo functionality of any smartphone and converts the resulting jpg to a 360-degree image in an instant!

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Secure authentication and access

ThingLink supports the following secure user authentication methods: Microsoft and Google Logins, Clever, Azure Tenant ID, and other single sign-on options using SAML and LTI. We comply with GDPR standards at AA level.

Deep integration with Microsoft Office 365

Content creation for image, video and 360 media is fully supported inside Microsoft Teams. Interactive content sharing is supported to OneNote and Teams.

ThingLink Certified Creator Course

A free online course designed for all content creators. It provides essential skills for anyone interested in creating engaging experiences full of interactivity. Particularly valuable for educators, learning and development specialists, digital corporate training and online training professionals.

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School District Creates Library of Interactive Resources in ThingLink for schools to share

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ThingLink & Keele University: Evidence of Impact

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