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With ThingLink, teachers and students can easily enhance images and videos with additional notes, photos, audio, video and other multimedia content. Students acquire visual presentation skills and communicate through digital storytelling across grade levels, on any device.

Explore How Teachers and Students are using ThingLink Today!

Millions of teachers and students around the world use ThingLink to build visual and immersive learning experiences featuring virtual school tours, interactive maps, study guides and more! Schools and districts can create libraries of customized curriculum to reuse or share across their district.

360° & Virtual Reality

ThingLink 360° photo editor empowers students to create virtual tours of their favorite places, engaging students like never before. Providing students with opportunities to design and create an interactive 360° image helps students develop critical thinking skills as they construct knowledge through research to demonstrate learning. Images can be explored on desktop, mobile, or with mobile VR headsets such as Google Cardboard.

Preloaded Curriculum-Aligned 360° Image Library

Provided by ThingLink for our education users, the Teleport 360° Editor comes preloaded with an image library that includes hundreds of curriculum-aligned professional photographs. Teachers and students can use these images to create virtual lessons, maps, tours and immersive learning spaces. Topics include US and world capitals, historic landmarks, nature and ecosystems various weather patterns and more! ThingLink Premium users can easily access this photo library on iPads, Android Tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Easy-to-Use Mobile Apps for Content Creation on Tablets and Smartphones

ThingLink provides a free easy-to-use iOS and Android app that you can use to tag your images from your smartphone! From the playground to a field trip, ThingLink’s mobile app makes it easy for educators and students to create and share lessons.

Teleport 360° Editor

Teleport 360° Editor is ThingLink’s new 360° photo editor for tablets with a preloaded library of hundreds of curriculum aligned high-resolution photographs covering science, history and geography related topics. Users can easily add text, image, audio or video annotations to photos and connect multiple photos into engaging 360° stories. Teleport 360 Editor is part of the ThingLink Premium Teacher or School subscription.

Convert Images and Videos Into A Learning Environment

What truly sets ThingLink apart is the diverse range of 3rd party websites and services that you can use to add information to your images! This includes audio, videos, Google Forms, quizzes, writing activities and more to provide students with easy access to all of the resources in one place.

Webinars, Bootcamps and Professional Development

Learn more about using ThingLink in your classroom with our webinars and bootcamps! Our free monthly webinar is the perfect starting point for providing educators with the building blocks to successfully create with ThingLink. Other webinars address educational trends, including app smashing, virtual reality and differentiation. Districts can order on-demand full day bootcamps tailored for tech coaches and classroom teachers.

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Watch this two minute demo to hear how ThingLink benefits your students, see the creation process in action, and learn about our plans for teachers, schools, and districts.