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Account Overview

Number of teachers 1 1 Custom
Classroom groups per teacher 0 up to 10 up to 10
Students per account 0 35+ Custom
Image tagging tool Basic Advanced Advanced
Video tagging tool Basic Advanced Advanced
360/VR tagging tool  
Teleport 360 Editor App  
Desktop, iOS and Android integration
Students can login with their Google accounts
Teacher can register accounts for student without an email address
Seamless classroom, school and district management


Icon Set Basic Premium Premium
Fullscreen presentations
Create channels (slideshows)
Embed channels (slideshows) on websites, blogs, etc.
Tag Google Drive assets
Upload audio files to tags
Rich text options (bold, italics, header, hyperlink)
Alignment, bullets, numbering
Force icons to always appear on your images
Hide tag pop up bubble
Replace background image
Upload custom icons
Font color, size, family customization
Control color or pop up bubble and text

Security and Privacy

Safe and secure classroom environment No classroom included
Can only see images created by other students, teachers and images curated by ThingLink
Maximum limits applied to safe search
Student images are always unlisted No students included
Hide related images/disable comments function on scene pages


View statistics on images,videos and 360 images
Export stats


Maximum response time 4 days 2 days 1 day
Onboarding & Account set up
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