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ThingLink Unity Plugin

Make Unity environments easily accessible on any platform and device

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Quick mobile sharing and rich media annotation for 3D models and virtual environments

The ThingLink Unity plugin makes it easy for developers to annotate and share their Unity projects on any platform or device with just a couple of clicks.

Use cases:

  • virtual tours, safety drills, new employee orientation
  • share work-in-progress with your team or clients
  • scenario-based learning and skills development
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  • Makes Unity environments quickly accessible on any platform, via mobile
  • Makes beginner-level content creation easy with Unity
  • Saves time & money as customers can use existing 3D models for various training purposes
  • Makes collaboration and co-creation easier
  • New learning analytics

Use cases

Project documentation

Use the plugin to quickly document work-in-progress, add comments and questions for future development.

Design review

Take 360 snapshots of your build and move them to a shared folder on ThingLink. Others can add comments and questions to the shared files.

Learning content development

Easily create safety training and virtual tours without having to spend tens of hours in coding.

Save your time for things that matter

Sharing 3D virtual models and environments is time–consuming. The ThingLink Unity plugin makes it easy for developers to share their Unity projects on any platform or device with just a couple of clicks.

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The effectiveness of VR in Training

"The ThingLink Unity Plugin solves the problem that not everyone can have VR headsets or Hololens. So with this plugin everyone, regardless of the device in use, for example a mobile device, can take advantage of the content imported from Unity to ThingLink."

Ville Palkinen, eLearning pedagogy specialist, TREDU

"This is a creative approach that will open a side gate from 2D to 3D websites to non- game/3D developers, while also reducing the development time for future websites to an absolute minimum."

Theofilos Tzandis, Senior Lecturer of Digital Marketing, University of the West of Scotland

"In training soldiers, the speed of producing digital learning materials, the ease of use, and straightforward sharing through Moodle is critical. I’m looking forward to trying ThingLink’s new Unity plugin, that allows us to utilize heavier simulations for various training use cases."

Lieutenant Commander Pasi Leskinen, Head of Development, Navy Learning Environments, Finnish Defense Forces

Download ThingLink Unity Plugin

1. Login or signup to ThingLink

2. Choose scenes you want to share and take 360 snapshots by clicking “Upload”

3. Add annotations, questions, or comments

4. Share as a link or embed on any LMS or MS Teams.

6 Reasons to get it

  1. Work faster - save development time and money at every stage of your project
  2. Get better feedback from colleagues or clients faster
  3. Improve the sharing experience with rich media annotations
  4. Expand applications for your existing virtual models from design to learning and development
  5. Cross-platform viewing - Android or iOS mobile phone, computer or even VR headset
  6. Connect and enrich snapshots from previous and current builds for quick comparison

Upgrade today and free more time from file preparation to development work.

ThingLink Professional for Individual Developers

ThingLink Professional license is now available for individual developers.



  • Unlimited 2D images and videos
  • 100 x 360° images
  • Branding removal
  • Publish via link or iFrame embed
  • Engagement statistics
  • Unity, Canva, Unsplash, O365 and LMS integrations
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eLearning Premium

Train your team with immersive tours or scenarios, instantly improve results. Share interactive materials and data to LMS. Ideal for product, safety, sales and customer service training.

Starting at $2400/year


  • 場景建構器(有學習者資料收集)
  • 發布無限制的圖片、視訊、360°圖片和3D模型
  • 安全分享
  • SSO及LTI支援
  • LMS上的資料收集
  • 120,000次觀看/年
  • 入職與培訓服務
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