K-12 Back-to-School With ThingLink Unlimited!
Education Webinars

Join us for an on-demand webinar exclusively for K-12 Education (Early Childhood / Primary / Secondary School)

ThingLink is the fastest and easiest way for schools and their teachers to create immersive, interactive learning experiences. Teachers around the world use ThingLink as an essential education technology tool for a wide range of K-12 education programs.

Collaborating to create engaging content is easy with ThingLink

  • Easy to use digital technology that lets you create professional looking interactive learning materials for student learning. No coding required!
  • Make any media interactive with ThingLink's intuitive multimedia editor. Embed or link to a huge range of digital tools and apps.
  • Build accessible learning experiences that engage your learners - whether for online learning or in person.
  • Seamlessly link your creations together to create immersive learning environments. Take your class on a trip around the world or back in time!
  • Improve student success and confidence. Use ThingLink new Scenario Builder to create the optimal environment for active learning; proven to improve retention and recall.
  • Help students of all abilities with accessible interactive learning tools - whether delivered face-to-face or via remote learning in an online environment.
  • Collaborate across a school or school district with a school license.
  • Easily share and clone your creations for tailored content based on your class’s personalized learning goals.
  • Create web-based learning resources that your students can access anywhere, even on mobile devices or offline for when internet access is challenging.
  • Compatible with all learning management systems.


Your on-demand webinar will last around 30 minutes and give you an overview of the ThingLink editor and how your K-12 institution can benefit from using ThingLink.

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Who is the K-12 Education webinar for?

Icon Anyone working in K-12 (Kindergarten through to High School) who is looking for an easy way to create interactive course content.
Icon K-12 teachers who would like to know more about integrating new learning technologies and a digital learning environment into their teaching practice and professional development.
Our 'return to learn' education webinar series also includes upcoming webinars for Higher Education.


Avatar image of Ulla-Maaria Koivula

Ulla-Maaria Koivula

CEO and Founder of ThingLink

Avatar image of Amanda Brougham-Pickard

Amanda Brougham-Pickard

Digital Learning Officer, South Ayrshire Council

Avatar image of Louise Jones

Louise Jones

Director of communities and Partnerships, ThingLink

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