Learn with ThingLink.




Test the use of interactive images in the classroom. Includes a basic version of ThingLink image editor.


1 teacher
1 class & 100 students
Desktop, iOS & Android



Create, publish, and share engaging interactive images with customization and presentation features.

Upload audio files

Image editor, full-screen presentation mode
5 classes & 150 students
Pre-loaded and custom icons
Online support and tutorials, monthly webinars



Create, publish, and share engaging interactive images, videos and 360° photos for teaching and learning.

360° and VR editors

Start 14-day trial
Image, video, and 360° photo editors
10 classes & 200 students
Pre-loaded and custom icons
Flexible professional development options
Access to ready-made VR/360° lessons
Groups, Schools and Districts

Custom Quote

Discounted group rates and VR packages that let you manage teachers, students, and groups under one admin account.

Bootcamps 360° Cameras

Request quote
Image, video, and 360° photo editors, admin dashboard
Unlimited classes, teacher, and admin accounts
Pre-loaded, custom and shared icons
Designated training and support, On-Demand Bootcamps
Access and school wide sharing of ready-made VR/360° lessons
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Frequently asked questions

What are the plan details?

This is a yearly subscription that can be canceled anytime for no extra fee.

Will my students have access to premium features?

Yes, any student accounts you create (or are created by your invite code) will have access to most Premium features.

How do I cancel?

Canceling ThingLink subscription is easy. It is done online right on your settings page.

What else does the license cover?

Each license covers one teacher.

How many students can a teacher add?

Up to 100 with the free version; (nearly) unlimited in the paid version!

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us!