Describe what an asteroid is. , Why are they not consider...
<div>Describe what an asteroid is.</div><div><br></div><div>They are rocky, airless worlds that orbit our sun, that are too small to be called planets.</div>
<div>Why are they not considered planets?</div><div>They are too small to be considered planets.</div>
<div>Where is the asteroid belt located? </div><div><br></div><div>Between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.</div>
<div>Explain at least one theory of how the asteroid belt formed.</div><div>They are remainings of planets that were destroyed long ago.</div>
<div>Explain what a meteoroid is.</div><div>Little chunks of rock in space are called meteoroids.</div>
<div>How does a meteoroid become a meteor?</div>
<div>How does a meteor become a meteorite?</div><div>The pieces that survive them just journey and hit the ground are called meteorites.</div>
<div>Where do meteoroids come from?</div><div>The asteroid belt.</div>
<div>Include info on the Barringer Crater in Arizona.</div><div>Landed in the Grand Canyon. The crater formed in layered Palezoiz aged sedimentary rock.</div>
<div>Give an interesting fact on asteroids and another one on meteors.</div><div>Chunks of rock and metal from asteroids and other planetary bodies that survive their journey through the atmosphere and hit the ground are called meteorites.</div><div>Asteroids are sometimes called minor planets by scientists but they are too small to be planets.</div>
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