TechChef's Top Ingredients for Curation and Creation
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<b><h3>Canva:</h3></b>is by far my go tool for image creation. I use it to create blog graphics, infographics, iTunes U icons, quotes for my room, and much more! TechChef Creations (and a few Guest Chef Examples) Concocted with Canva...
<h3>BeFunky:</h3>is one of my best kept secrets. I use the &quot;Orton Style&quot; effect for photographs that need a filter. It is amazing what a little Orton can do. ;)<b><br /></b> BeFunky's Online Photo Editor lets you edit photos, apply photo effects, and add frames, graphics, and text. Online Photo Editing has never been easier.
<b><h3>Haiku Deck:</h3></b>is the easiest tool to create a quick resource or list of tips. I use it to send a list of best practices to teachers and staff. 6 Look For's When Observing an iPad Classroom (ideas and examples range from student and teacher behavior to assessment, workflow, physical space, and more...
<b><h3>Tackk:</h3></b>is the new Smore. I use it to create a quick website focused on one topic that includes a collection of multimedia resources that can be showcased in a linear narrative way. Browse Tackks about Lisa Johnson (@techchef4u)
<b><h3>The Noun Project:</h3></b>is my go to for icons. I have found icons for pretty much anything from iPads and Apple Watches to Books and Post-it Notes. I use them in conjunction with Canva and Keynote to create custom images and presentations. Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World's Visual Language.
<b><h3>Creative Market:</h3></b>is basically the Etsy of digital goods and graphics. I use it to get artsy backgrounds and icons. These items are easily used in conjunction with Keynote and Canva. AND every week they offer 6 FREE digital downloads!!! Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.
<b><h3>Bulb:</h3></b>is a fantastic tool when I want to create a differentiated professional development or multi-faceted workshop. Lisa Johnson is CEO and Founder of TechChef4u LLC
<b><h3>Padlet:</h3></b>is my go-to tool for formative assessment and collecting student work. I even created 15 custom graphic organizer backgrounds to be used with Padlet to diversify the tool. TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink
<b><h3>Listly:</h3></b>is the tool I use when I want to create a quick list of tools and/or resources. One can easily include notes about each tool, curate the list, and quickly make changes to the list. Lisa Johnson is on Listly since May 16, 2012
<b><h3>Slideshare:</h3></b>is not a new tool but it is a great way to easily share presentations and content and still retain formatting and live links as well as embed Youtube videos. I completed a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Technology from Our Lady of the Lake University in December 2008. I have taught 7th Math and Pre-Algebra for the past four years and have certifications in elementary education, middle school mathematics, and all-level English/Language Arts. I am eager to integrate technology and literacy into the everyday middle school curriculum while motivating students with unique real-world lessons and tailored activities. I am dedicated to being the model of life-long learning for my students and staff. I am currently living my dream of designing curriculum for an educational corporation. Specialties: Expe...
<b><h3>Snapguide:</h3></b>is the perfect tool to create tutorials. It is easy to use and allows users to create unlimited snapguides that include video, photo, and text. Lisa Johnson - Guides - Snapguide
TechChef&apos;s Top 12 Tools for Creating and Curating Content TechChef » Where I'll be next: 11/12: Miami Device, Miami, FL
<b><h3>Thinglink:</h3></b>is the tool I use when I want to create a visual collection of resources - similar to a webquest. TechChef4u has an interactive profile on ThingLink
<b><h3>So Social:</h3></b>is a headline generator. Helpful for checking titles and making sure they resonate. <b></b> Use the SoSocial Headline Genius tool to create blog headlines and email subject lines that your readers won't be able to resist
<b><h3>Portent Title Maker:</h3></b>is a headline generator. Helpful for crafting titles and making sure they resonate. Content Idea Generator - Portent
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<h3>Embossed Label Generator by Fuzzimo:</h3> is a great way to create custom labels that can be used in conjunction with blogs, Canva, Keynote, etc... Create free custom embossed label images that you can download and use for your design projects or websites.

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