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Asteroids and Meteors
Asteroids are not considered planets because, they are too small
A asteroid is a small inactive body orbiting the sun
Asteroids are not considered planets because, they are too small
The asteroid belt is located between mars and jupiter
4.6 billion years ago, when our solar system was being formed, a planet tried to form between Mars and Jupiter, but Jupiter's gravitational forces were too strong.
A meteor is a rocky body that travel through space. A sand grain to a boulder size.A meteorite is meteor that reaches the earth surface without burning
meteorids come from the asteroids belt
A Barringer crater forms when a meteor crash on the earth
Did you know that meriods that enter earths atmosphere travels at about 52 km\s
Minerals that are founded in the asteroid include gold,nickel,manganese,cobalt and platnium
Here's a video about Asteroids, Comets and Meteors Learn the difference between an asteroid, comet and meteor. Our dear planet Earth is the hotbed of cosmic activity this year. Let's recap some recent news - ...

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