China map
<div>Rice is easy to grow which made farming easier because people wouldn’t have to travel to hunt animals.</div>
<div>Paddy soil is where rice is cultivated</div>
<div>Bamboo is versatile because it used for food, clothing, housing, transportation, music instruments and also weapons. It is cheap and easy to grow. </div>
<div>Many of the people living in China were pheasant farmers. </div>
<div>In China, it mainly rains in the southern and southeastern areas, raining about 2200 mm a year. Rain provides, water for plants, drinking water, and water for animals.</div>
<div>The people of Ancient China, began using coal for heat and carved coal was used for trading in village marketplaces. </div>
<div>Yak is found in the north near Mongolia. Yaks are usually found treeless areas elevated about 3000 and 5500 metres. Yak are useful because they have nice fur, so they can make blankets out of them. They can also use them for travelling.</div>
<div>Paddlefish are found in the Yangtze River. They are very large and you can eat them and their eggs. Paddlefish can get up to 221 cm in length and up to 50 kg. Paddlefish are a good source of food for a large group.</div>
<div>China gets its hottest in the summer months and it gets its coldest in the winter. The best time for farming is in April and May because it is neither too hot or too cold. </div>
<div>China has to largest amount of graphite producing 75-80% of the world's graphite. Graphite + clay = pencil lead. </div>
<div>China gets its coldest in January at -40c° and it gets its hottest in June and July at 30c°. Plants can become frozen because temperatures are too cold which means they may not have an adequate amount of food. The ideal temperature for growing plants is 25c° which is normally in the springtime. </div>
<div>Tung trees are native to southern China and can grow to up to 20 metres tall. Tung tree is can be made into a oil called tung oil. Tung oil is very useful because you can use it to make things waterproof.</div>
<div>North soil can be used for planting corn, millet, and potatoes. North soil is important because it can be used to grow many crops, so it is very good for farming.</div>
<div>The desert is where crops are grown. </div>
<div>Mountains are a natural barrier and made traveling to and from China more challenging. </div>

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