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Guatemala was the country I was researching.
Land and Climate: Guatemala is mainly located in Central America and is smaller than Cuba. It is full of mountains, forests, and almost half of the 32 volcanoes there are active. Earthquakes are common because if the eruptions. The forests include ancient ruins. Most of the population however lives in the western Guatemala near the water resources, or near jungles. Guatemala is mainly hot, dry, and humid. It is hot and dry in the eastern central part of Guatemala while the lowlands are hot and humid, and the highlands are warm during the day and colder at night. The country is called the Land of the Eternal Spring because of the warm temperatures year-round. It is also rainy November through April.
Population: There are many groups of people that live/lived in Guatemala. Including Maya and groups within Maya, which are Quiché, Kaqchiquel, Mam, and Qeqchí. More than half of the population calls themselves Maya or Spanish. The Maya are called indígenas while the Spanish are called Ladinos. There is also the Garífuna and a small portion of whites. But most Guatemalans are called chapines.
Language: Spanish is the official language but other languages are used by each group of Maya.
Can you say it: Can you say these words in Spanish? Hello, Good-Bye, Please, Thank You, Yes, and No. If not, hello is Buenas pronounced (Bweh-nahs). Good bye is Adíos (ah-Dee-Ohs). Please is Por Favor (Pohr fa-Vour). Thank you is Gracias (Grah-see-ahs). Yes is Sí (See). And finally, No is No (noh).
Religion: The most popular religion is Roman Catholic, members of the church has decreased but Chatholicism is still the most celebrated religion. Most years they have special celebrations for this religion, although some have changed to Protestant and Christian.
Independence: Spanish had problems in the 1800s within the borders. It wasn't able to rule the colonies anymore which lead to Guatemala and the other colonies t become independent in 1821. But later Mexico took over Guatemala, but Guatemala still sought independence and finally received independence in 1823. During this time they formed the Central American Federation. This took place until 1838. After that Guatemala started running its own colony.
Troubled Times: After Guatemala received independence, the wealthier people thought they would take charge and form a ruling class that controlled the government, land, and military. But this only caused landowners and poor workers to run into problems with each other. The landowners got wealthier while the workers stayed the same. Later a new government was established and it gave the workers more land and created the social security and health system. But the military did not like this and violence was common and they tried to overthrow the president. They would kidnap or kill people who disagreed with them. But one group didn't care and fought them anyway. This caused many deaths and disappearances in the people.
Peace: The government and guerrillas who were the rebels signed a peace treaty in 1996 which ended 36 years of civil war. Which was the longest war in Latin America. It even killed more than 200,000 civilians and displaced about a million people. But the agreement made the military smaller, helped the soldiers, rebels, and displaced people find their way back to their lives and homes. It also increased the rights of natives and women. Later in 2004 the government payed for lost land and the war came to an end and now they are still rebuilding the country.
Games and Sports: Futbol or soccer is the favored sport there and all the people need is a ball and flat field to enjoy time. Soccer watching and playing is a big event and attracts a lot of people. Other enjoyed sports are basketball, volleyball, and tag.
Holidays: Christmas and Easter are the two favorite holidays there and they often say there are more celebrations than days. Near Christmas the people burn garbage to get ride of the evil. They also light firecrackers and eat tamales. On the days leading up to Lent the children color eggs and fill them with confetti. They also crack these above peoples head as a joke. Many parades happen. Another important holiday is All Saints' Day, they remember loved ones and worship them.
Food: There are many different varieties of food that is eaten. Some major food are black beans, bananas, rice, and tortillas. Coffee is also a popular drink for all ages there. Also, a treat for them is fried plantains with honey and cream. Usually for breakfast they have eggs, chopped tomatoes, which is served in a tortilla. Also, a key ingredient is spicy chili.
Schools: Guatemala is a poor country and kids consider themselves lucky if they get to go to school. The school don't usually have desks, books, or school supplies. At school the studied the usual things like, reading, writing, math, and science. Later they are able to take art and music. After elementary school and middle they have three years of college and study job training.
Life as a Kid: Most families there are poor so kids aren't always able to go to school. Usually the kids stay home and do chores. And, in the countryside families with everyone share a single home. The kids also play soccer with other kids near by.
Government: The Capitol of Guatemala is Guatemala City. The head of the state is President Jimmy Morales, he is also the head of the government. The government in Guatemala is a democracy. There are 158 people in the legislature which is the Congress of the Republic. The Patriotic Party is the largest political party. Guatemala is broken into 22 departamentos which are like states.
Money and Economy: The national bird of Guatemala is also their currency, the Quetzal. Guatemala is a poor country with not a lot of money, and the civilians usually run on 1 dollar a day. Some times it's only three fourths. It is so poor that they don't usually have electricity or running water. They make there money by growing cotton and coffee and selling it to the United States.
Getting Around: Guatemalans get around by foot, they walk to their destinations. If they have to go far they can take the bus, which aren't the best. They blare music and are very crowded. Another way of transportation is hitchhiking.
Clothing of many Colors: Colorful clothing is very popular with Guatemalans. Women wear skirts called Cortes and shirts called huipil. While men wear longer pants. The clothing is hand made and from the fabric that is also hand made. There are many different patterns and colors used
The soldiers that are serving in the army right now aren't allowed to vote in elections. They have to stay at the barracks because it's considered fair. In Guatemala they point with their lips because they consider it rude to point with their fingers. The plant that makes gum is found in Guatemala. There is a tree in Guatemala named the Ceiba tree and it can grow over 100 feet tall! There are many species of animals in Guatemala, there are over 900 species of birds. 200 species of reptiles. And 8,000 species of plants.
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