Stop the attacks
stop the attacks help other country's stop this madness Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at
Recent proof of the drone strikes Thousands of people took to the streets in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore to protest against ongoing US drone strikes, amid a rise in local protests against US tactics.
Many People do not want their rights violated. When American citizens or a Citizen from another country cannot be trusted by their own government then they feel like their rights are being taken away. CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr It looks like a bat, sweeping, turning. But it’s actually the new super-secret Air Force stealth drone. CNN has learned this unmanned spy plane is designed to fly for up to 24 hours behind enemy lines in countries like North Korea, Iran, and Syria.
Humans are not safe Two leading human rights groups released detailed reports on U.S. drone strikes Tuesday that accuse the government of killing civilians and violating international law. The White House admitted killing civilians, but denied breaking the law, saying the strikes were "precise" and "lawful."Amnesty International, which studied 45 drone strikes in Pakistan in 2012 and 2013, said the U.S.
Obama is with using the drones against our human rights. He is violating the right to live this is unfair and must he must be held accountable for his actions. Nearly 200,000 people followed the tour online, hundreds of students joined Amnesty, and groups grew on every campus where we stopped. Lend your voice to the call!
Drone Attacks are killing Muslims and they are outraged because they feel it is violating their right to life and the religion. Drones, otherwise known as Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) have caused no shortage of controversy.
US military responsibly for killings Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. told President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan that the United States regrets any civilian casualties that resulted from a drone strike in southern Helmand Province.
mix with a bad situation The tension highlights the political complications from America’s persistent reliance on the lethal remote-controlled weapons
Obama is trying to cover up his dirty work by saying he didn't kill as many civilians as he really did. It isn't right to kill any innocent civilians let alone lie about how many you have killed. Its disgusting how Obama thinks he can just kill innocent people and then lie about it. Obama has killed thousands of civilians and among those civilians include pregnant women and children. - Leo Rights groups say their findings in Yemen and Pakistan contradict the Obama administration’s assertions.
Obama brags about killing thousands of people in the middle east he said so himself, "I'm really good at killing people". Obama is killing innocent civilians and is proud about doing so. I don't think a leader of the United States should be proud about killing innocent people. I think we should try to kick Obama out of office and put someone who knows what their doing in Obama's place. - Leo It seems that President Obama is very much aware of the effects of his drone campaign, as he reportedly told aides he’s “really good at killing people.”
An image of how much destruction Obama has caused in the middle east. There also what appears to be a innocent civilian walking through this chaos. - Leo
Obama's Drone strikes have killed a innocent child. - Leo
Obama's first year in office he has fired away 51 drones. In Bushes entire time in office he has only fired 45 drones. Obama needs to calm down and send more troops to the middle east. If it will stop Obama from shooting reckless drones that do an immense amount of damage to innocent civilians. Obama is a terrorist for killing innocent people. Obama is the American version of Osama Bin Laden. - Leo

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