Fiction books are sorted into Reading Levels first to make it easier for you to find an AR book within your reading range. Within the Reading Level, books are sorted in alphabetical order by author's last name. You can see the white Reading Range label at the top of each Fiction shelf along with the guide letters to tell you which authors can be found there.
The Media Center is hosting a schoolwide reading challenge this year called "Let's Stick Together!" Each time a student or staff member passes an AR quiz, he or she can select a sticker to add to the "Let's Stick Together!" Poster. Like a color-by-number kit, each square on the poster is coded to a particular colored sticker. When all the stickers have been added, a famous work of art will be revealed. There are 3996 stickers all together. Only 3995 left to go!
Our Media Center houses a 3D printer! Students learn how to design 3D projects in their elementary tech classes and can then print them out using this MakerBot 3D printer.
This greenscreen studio enables students to create video projects using any background they'd like. News reporters and weather reporters often utilize greenscreen technology to incorporate different backgrounds into their reports. Students can create a wide variety of video projects for their school assignments using the greenscreen!
In the center of our Media Center, under the skylight, is probably one of the most popular features in the whole room...the fun seating area. Filled with beanbags, exercise balls and floor rockers, this spot is a student favorite.
Over here on the far side of the Media Center is where the non-fiction books live. You can find a wide variety of subjects covered on these shelves...things like a great collection of fun poetry books, fairy tales, sports books, animal and nature books, interesting biographies and lots more! Non-fiction books are arranged by subject rather than author name. Do you know your Dewey? (Who's Dewey? Ask a librarian...)
Oh No! You came to the Media Center to get a book but forgot your iPad back in class. How can you find what you need?? You can always ask for help, of course, but you can also use the Media Center iPads and the online catalog, too. There are even some helpful directions. (Not that a savvy library user like you needs directions!)
When you come to the Media Center out of class, make sure to sign in at the desk and let us know you're here! (It is sort of required.) Thanks!
Thanks for visiting our Media Center. Do you have questions? Ask a Librarian. We are here to help. See you soon!
Watch where you're going! You wouldn't want to run into something and hurt yourself! Image Source:
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