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In sixteen hundred seven We sail the open sea For glory, God, and gold And The Virginia Company For the New World is like heaven And we'll all be rich and free Or so we have been told By The Virginia Company For glory, God and gold And The Virginia Company On the beaches of Virginny There's diamonds like debris There's silver rivers flow And gold you pick right off a tree With a nugget for my Winnie And another one for me And all the rest'll go To The Virginia Company It's glory, God and gold And The Virginia Company
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Jamestown Choiceboard
Jamestown The first successful British settlement
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Jamestown Choiceboard Assignment
Compare your the children’s life to Jamestown and your life today. What similarities do you have and what do you have that are different. Find 6 things in each box and share the link with your teacher in the Google form. Please click file and make a copy to have your own copy of this document to ...
Jamestown Assignment
You were one of many on the last boats to the New World from Britain. Your thirst for adventure grew as you came closer to the Jamestown colony in Virginia. However, about ten miles away from the colony your ship beings to take on water! Before you and your crew had a chance to jump ship, the boat sinks. Soon after the crash you awake on the shore of the New World. You must get passed numerous obstacles and the Native Indians to get to the Jamestown colony. Good luck!
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