Giraffes are the tallest mammal in the world. Their long legs and necks help them to eat leaves at the top of tall trees that other animals cannot reach. They have long tongues, and no teeth at the front of their top jaw, which helps them to rip leaves from branches. Male giraffes use their necks for fighting, swinging them from side to side to headbutt their opponent.
Hyenas don’t just laugh for fun. Scientists say that the pitch and the note frequency (or tone) of a hyena’s laugh can give an indication of its age and social status. Zebras for Kids: Learn all About Zebras - FreeSchool - YouTube Spending 16-20 hours of the day sleeping or resting, lions are the laziest of the big cats. Learn more lion facts at Animal Fact Guide! Impala is a type of antelope that can be found only in Africa. It lives in grasslands, savannas and on the edges of woodlands in South and East Africa. Besides sufficient amount of grass, impala requires permanent water supply in its habitat. Biggest threat to survival of impalas (besides predators) is commercial hunt. Black-faced impala is one of the subspecies of impalas that is endangered as a result of over-hunting. The average size is 14.5 inches. The washed green head is large, the neck is short, the greenish yellow legs are rather short and the feet are small