Every day when you enter the room, you will need to move your Panther Paw to the chalkboard. This is how I will take attendance. If your paw is not on the board, you will be counted absent.
Daily Agenda--This is what we will be doing in class today. You need to put this information into your planner. Use this information to be prepared for the day.
If you miss school, this is where you can find out what we did while you were gone. Extra copies of assignments can be located in the hanging files behind the door. Just go to the day you missed and grab the assignment. If you need more help, get a 9th hour pass to visit with me.
Flashing Neon Light-- This sign is updated with upcoming deadlines. You need to pay attention to these deadlines so that you do not receive a zero for an assignment.
Every day, students at RVMS pay their respect to our flag, country, and men and women, who have fought for our country, by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
You may keep your ELA Binder in the milk crates below the bookshelf. If you do not keep your binder here, please remember to bring your binder to class.
My door is always decorated either for the season or to inspire my students. Today's inspiration is--Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today!
I will display books throughout the year, which I have enjoyed reading or that I suggest students should read.
Text Feature are important tools, which students need to recognize and learn to use, in order to improve reading comprehension! Look at the other tags to view each text feature and how it helps the reader.
Table of Content---this feature help the reader to locate information quickly.
Keywords are words that important to in the text. The words that you need to take note of and make sure you understand.
Diagrams are images that show the structure and parts of the image. The labels point out the various parts of the image.
The index is normally located at the back of the book or magazine. The index lists the topics in alphabetically order and tells what page the topic is located on.
A sidebar is added information to the text. For example, if you were reading an article about William Shakespeare, a sidebar about the Globe Theater maybe located on the side or bottom of the article.
Maps are a text feature that helps the reader understand where the story is taking place.
The glossary is usually at the back of the text, but you may also find the glossary at the bottom of the page. The glossary is a dictionary of words used in the text.
Captions are located beneath a picture, illustration, or image include in the text. The caption describes what is happening in the image.
Charts and Tables help the reader organize information quickly and concisely.
Heading and Subheadings break-up the information in the text. A headings gives a title for the sections and subheading give a brief description of what is in the section.
Different types of print helps the important information pop off the page. STANDOUT!
If you do not put your name on your paper, you will find it in the NO NAME TRASH! Look there if you have a zero, and you turned in your homework.
Seats are arranged in a horseshoe or U-shape. Hopefully, this allows students viewpoint for the front and back of the classroom.
This is where my homeroom students will locate their Chromebooks. You will need to carefully retrieve your Chromebook every morning and shut the door to the cart. Please make sure no cords are hanging out. At the end of the day, all Chromebooks must be returned to the cart.
Mrs. Stumpf's classroom library--You may checkout a book from my personal library at anytime. Feel free peruse my library. If you find a book that interests you, fill out a library card and take it home.
www.youtube.com MINIONS Happy Birthday SONG - YouTube
Mrs. Stumpf and some of her SPECTACULAR students. This is my area. Please ask before using anything from my desk. You are always welcome to look at my writing examples and learn a little about me. Really, I am an open book.
This is where you will find my lesson plans for the week. You may also access this information on my website: Mrsstumpfs7th.weebly.com.
On the ceiling, you will see tiles that previous students have painted for the novels we have read. I'd love to have one for the Diary of Anne Frank. Anyone game???
Some of my favorite moments from 2016-2017. I like to keep a reminder of last year's class, so that they can come back and say, "I remember doing that!"
My motivational corner--I am trying to inspire my students to shoot for the stars. It is also a great place to read a book.
docs.google.com Welcome to Mrs. Stumpf’s Classroom Rules & Expectations for the 2017-2018 School Year
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Stumpf#Classroom#tour#2017-2018#Welcome to a great year! Created by Mrs. Stumpf. This tour was created to help students learn about my classroom and my expectations! Let's have a great year!

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