This bridge was built really recently, in 2015. It washed away because of a tropical storm only one year later! One of the most important things geologists study is infrastructure vulnerability. To decide what structures will last, engineers need to collaborate with geologists for information about what they are building on and what materials they should build WITH to handle the environment they are building in. As you can see, this is tricky to get right...
This bridge has been standing since 1921 and is still usable when storms flood the temporary road. The only problem is it is privately owned, and the owner wants to charge a premium for people to use it... So what design allowed this bridge to remain when the newer construction could not? Is it location? Or materials? Or perhaps just the overall design? Questions like this need a trained geologist to answer.
Watching this video, you would think something big is happening.... But actually, this is just how the road looks after a heavy afternoon rain - in the dry season! In an area so prone to flash-floods, the need for bridges that can withstand heavy rains is extremely important. Dominica Infastructure: Further Investigation

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