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Mr. Wong's young bride brought this vanity from China to Ameirca.
Credits:1) Memorabilia and "Chinese Immigrant Museum" courtesy of the Wong family 2) 360 image taken by and remixed by @historyfrog 3) "Mountain Stream" courtesy of Famous Ancient Chinese Tunes 4) knakatsu@ausd.net
Mr. Wong returned to China to marry his young bride. (Mr. and Mrs. Wong bottom 2 left people, before the return trip to America)
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Welcome to my Chinese Immigration Virtual Museum! Click on the pictures to learn more about the immigrant and his life in America. Click on the map to trace his journey from China to America. Click on the tags on the red door to visit other sites which will give you greater insight into Chinese culture and Chinese immigration to America. Finally click on the green Share tag and share feedback or your own immigration story! Thanks for visiting my museum. Have fun exploring! Thanks for sharing!
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