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NORVEGIA by Millefinestrelle
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I love Thinglink because it's able to release all my positive energy and creativity. It's simple and it can realy make you smarter just because it's so simple. In this image what I constructed by myself. I suggest everyone to try out to make at last once your own VR IMAGE. I used Pixabay and some free 'Christmas Giveaway Icons'. Use your mistakes and have fun, The best way to learn is trying out and play with tools. Try to do things in different ways and see what happens.Past a link or embed the code, it's not always the same. I wish you all a lot of fun in this special playground! Greetings from Italy Astrid Hulsebosch
ATTRIBUTION: All my pictures are from PIXABAY I'used to build my photocollages with PIZAP / KIZOA MUSIC:
INGHILTERRA by Millefinestrelle
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Something about the project Christmas in the World With my students we are exploring VR Realty as special learning places. We love to travel and to immagine... All the tools menzionate helped us to EXPLORE & CREATE. At the beginning of the project the children ( 9-10 years aged ) got a little text with a tradition in one of the many countries in the world. They where invited to read, to retell with there own words and to start to build this place virtually. As a teacher i got an account for my students where they could start to collaborate. During the project the children gave feedback beteween groups and help each other to make the 'big' project growing.
Natale nel Mondo by Millefinestrelle
NATALE: Origine & Significato
Christmas in the World Music