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Mrs. Shaft is reading in Belize.
Mrs. Shaft is reading on Roatan.
Mrs. Andrews begins her summer by reading to her son in Keller, Texas.
Mrs. Shlomach is reading in Utah while on a hike.
Mrs. Schlomach reads to her grandchildren in San Antonio, Texas.
Mrs. Morton is reading while visiting Colorado.
The map is from Creative Commons https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2946/15371421002_a91ce0631b_b.jpg. All other photos were taken by participants. The music came from http://freemusicarchive.org/
You are invited to participate in Pike's summer reading map. Once you fill out the title, author, and location of the book you read we will tag it on the map. Hoover over the map to see what others are reading this summer.
Mrs. Ice reads about visiting Rio de Janerio
Mrs. Fitzgerald is listening to eBooks while eating beignets in New Orleans.
Mrs. Fitzgerald's sister sends good wishes to Pike Panthers while reading in Iceland.
This program has been produced and designed by librarian Sue Fitzgerald. You can follow her on Twitter @sue_fitz.
Mrs. Black learned much by reading about Dinosaur Monument on the border of Colorado and Utah.
Here's a partial list of Mrs. Morrow's summer reading!
Ms. Miller read for her college course while in California.
Mrs. Shirley loves to read to her students!
Mr. Little is reading at Pike!
Mrs. Fitzgerald reading an eBook while on a cruise in the Caribbean.