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Circulation Desk - The circulation desk to where students check books out and return books they have read. Students may also ask for assistance from someone at the desk. Check out the FAQ signs for questions you may have.
Book Fairs The library hosts 2 book fairs per school year. This is the area where the book fairs will be set-up. Check the library calendar for book fair dates.
Multi Purpose and Presentation Area - This is the area where students may work in collaborative groups and use the presentation monitor.
Reading Room - This is the quiet area of the library where students may read and relax. Students may read either hardback or eBooks in the Reading Room.
Technology Room - The library has a host of engaging activities in the Technology Room including a lego wall.
Coding Club - Students interested in coding may join the Coding Club.
Book Brawl - The library sponsors a district Book Brawl competition with students reading high interest books and competing.
Library Programming - The library hosts a variety of activities and programming throughout the school year. Check the library calendar for some fun activities such as Teen Read Week and March Madness.
Multi Purpose Boards - The library has multi purpose boards at the end of two bookshelves. Ask for a marker and feel free to participate with the various occasions.
Student Driven Library - The Pike library is a student driven atmosphere with students facilitating the program.
Fiction Collection - Fiction books are written stories that are not real. Pike has over 4,000 fiction books in a variety of different genres. See the various genre labels, check our Destiny catalog, or ask someone at the circulation desk if you need assistance will a book selection. Last year's top book at Pike was The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau.
Thank You For Your Book Request @ your Pike Library
Gale Databases These are the research databases provided by the Pike library. This is a link to all the databases. See more information...
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Most photos were taken by the Pike library staff. The book covers and music were downloaded per copyright free images and music. All graphics were designed by librarian Sue Fitzgerald. The music was downloaded from http://freemusicarchive.org/ #libraryorientation #funlibrary #futurelibrarian
Digital Research Kits - The Pike library will collaborate and assist students and teachers with the research process. See the Pike website for Digital Research Kits they may help with a particular research task. Remember to use your databases. See a library staff member for the passwords to the databases.
Connected Librarian - Mrs. Fitzgerald stays connected with other librarians through blogging and Twitter. You can follow her @sue_fitz.
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Databases - The Pike library has access to many amazing databases that may be used in either research or pleasure learning. See the online flyer for access.
Texas Lone Star Reading List - The Pike library actively promotes and participate in the state-wide reading program sponsored by the Texas Library Association. See the ThingLink presentation for more information on the 20 books selected for this school year.
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March Madness - This is an amazing reading program promoted during the month of March. Students vote weekly on their top favorite books.
Texas TEKS Being able to effectively use the library for research or pleasure covers many TEKS within the curriculum including: 110.18b1 110.18b2 110.18b3 110.18b22 110.18b23 110.18b24 110.18b25
The Pike faculty has challenged all students to read 3,000 or more pages during the 2015-2016 school year. This flyer is an accumulation of information pertaining to our Panther Pages reading program.
Panther Pages - This is our school-wide reading incentive program. See your ELA teacher for more information and check the library calendar for celebration dates.
Digital Content - These are digital audio books, eBooks, and interactive books that may be accessed 24/7. Ask a library staff members for assistance in checking out Pike's digital content.