Only posts to Facebook pages, not profiles can be boosted. This means that your video or image must be shared to your organization's page, not your personal profile. \nIf you're on your organization's page but still don't see the Boost Post button, make sure that you are an admin of the page. Only admins can boost posts. Where is the Boost Post Button? Help - ThingLink
Audience controls who your post is boosted to. This will ensure that you are not spending money boosting your post to Facebook users outside your target audience. \nBudget is how much you want to spend to boost your post. The more you spend, the more people Facebook will boost your post to. \nDuration is how long the post will be boosted. Boost your post longer for an extended campaign, boost your post for a short time for concentrated impact. What do all these settings mean? Help - ThingLink

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