Irrigation Systems The Garden Gurus - The best irrigation system - YouTube
Irrigation systems are systems that irrigate or water plants and crops using water efficient systems.
Many wildlife habitats have been removed, and this affects the animals significantly. Green Roofs provide a place for pollen collectors, bugs, and birds. This helps the earth maintain its flowers and plants which reduces carbon emissions.
Wildlife Conservation Conserving Wildlife Habitat - YouTube
Aluminum tables help keep the earth sustainable because it recycles aluminum that had been thrown away.
Aluminum Recycling HowStuffWorks - Recycling Aluminum - YouTube
Solar panels that are panels that generate energy from the sun which doesn’t cause a lot of emissions to be exposed in the atmosphere.
Solar Panels Explaining Photovoltaic Solar Energy | Sustainability - YouTube
Drought Resistant plants are plants that don’t require many resources. These plants reduce carbon emissions that are released in the air. Also, these plants save resources and improve the amount of CO2 released in the air.
Drought Tolerant Plants Drought Tolerant Plants - YouTube
Eco-friendly paints are paints that have low VOCs or Volatile organic compounds. These compounds are made of chemicals and toxic fumes that can expose carbon emissions into the air.
Eco- Friendly Paint Eco-Friendly Paint that Synthesizes Clean Air | Sanctuous™ Paint - YouTube
Water Collection keeps the earth sustainable by collecting rainwater and reusing it for watering the plants on the Green Roof.
Water collection Rainwater Harvesting QA - Cost, is it Illegal, how I treat, etc,. - YouTube
Composting is combining organic decay such as food waste and twigs. The breaking down of these materials creates natural fertilizer and rich soil. Also, landfills can be less full with this process.
Compost Why Compost? - YouTube
The reduction of the heat island effect keeps the earth sustainable by using plants to make overbuilt areas cooler. The plants reduce carbon emissions making the temperature drop.
Reduce heat island effect NASA | Urban Heat Islands - YouTube
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