Paper Stone Video Paperstone Countertop: The Archetype Sustainable House - YouTube
Paper Stone: Paper stone is recycled paper that looks like slate, and feels like stone. Paper stone is usually the same price as granite, except it’s more eco-friendly and sustainable.
LED Light Video The LED lighting revolution and sustainability - YouTube
LED lights: Did you know that new LED lighting can replace all general lighting? If people were to replace their lights, they could make money savings up to 80%.
Argon Window Video Education Video. Argon & Krypton Gas. Galaxy Windows. - YouTube
Argon filled windows: Argon filled windows can reduce heat and convection losses. If you have argon filled windows, you can have better energy efficiency keeping room temperature in and heat, convection, and cold out.
Recycling Bin Video Recycling Right with Denise Keller - YouTube
Recycling bins: Recycling bins are very helpful and help us to conserve our resources and keep our earth from becoming more polluted. You have to make sure that you put the right things in your recycling bin. Paper and clean plastic are two good things to put in the recycling bin.
Water Bottle Filling Station Video Water Bottle Filling Stations - YouTube
Water Bottle Refill Station: These water bottle refill station reduce the use less water bottles by reducing plastic. It is located in between the foyer and 6th grade hallway.
Eco-Friendly Paint Video RONA ECO Paint - Repainting a sustainable world - YouTube
ECO friendly paint: Eco-friendly paint does not release harsh chemicals like normal paint does. It can minimize air pollution. It is located in the hallways and mostly anywhere in the Lovett middle school.
Porcelain Tile Video Green Building Episode 8: Sustainable Hardwood Flooring, Cork Flooring and Porcelain Tile - YouTube
Porcelain Tile: The flooring is porcelain tile. This is sustainable because it reduces CO2 emissions and energy usage.
Modular Carpet Video TacTiles - An innovative and sustainable way of fitting flooring by Interface - YouTube
Carpet: These are modular carpets. They are sustainable because they save money and they are placed in individual tiles, so if one gets ruined, you don’t have to replace the whole thing.
Electric Elevator Video ThyssenKrupp Elevator: Design for a Better Built Tomorrow - YouTube
Electric Elevator: Our elevator is not a normal hydraulic. In fact, it is electric! This type of elevator is more energy efficient and faster.
See the Green Roof Green Roof
See the Multi Purpose Room Multi Purpose Room
See the front of the Portman Family Middle School Front of Portman Middle School
See the 6th-grade hallway 6th Grade Hallway

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