This tactile and moveable crime scene is used by Year 10 Crime Studies students to demonstrate their understanding of the ways to, and need to, properly protect crime scenes. Crime studies is a 2 period options class.
Like any Mercedes teaching space, a crucifix is featured. It reminds us of what underpins all that we do here. Next to it is a plaque celebrating the College's 2006 win in the Law Society of WA's Mock Law Trial Competition.
On the side wall of the room can be found informative posters, examples of inspirational student work (such as a t-shirt assignment on shaming as a punishment) and current event newspaper items. The Edwards Case of early 2019 had featured heavily in class discussions when this photo was taken. The wall also features cut outs out politicians faces that students can use in role plays if they wish.
Each year students studying the Year 11 ATAR Politics and Law Course compete to design the cover of their second semester textbook. Winning covers are featured above the classroom door.
Along the back bench of the room are a posters for the Greens, a copy of the Magna Carta and examples of student work from previous years including a diorama of US politics, a doll used to tell a story about migrants to Australia, a book on historical crime (witchcraft) and a jigsaw on historical crime.
Learning outside the classroom Learning in the City at Mercedes College - YouTube

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