Spires can be seen at the top of many cathedrals, along with the Latin Cross. They were built at the top of the cathedral supposedly so that G-d can see the building as a place of Christian gathering.
Flying Buttresses are decorative extensions outside of the church, that gave the arches lateral support. They acted like arms extending outward to support the whole cathedral. You can also see Gothic Arches, which are pointed at the top, allowing them to hold more weight and make the structure more solid and strong.
Chichester Cathedral also, often contain Rose Windows and Stained Glass Windows. A Rose Window is a large window in the center of each side of a cathedral (North, East, West, South). These depicted the story of the Final Judgement of Man. It is one of the finest artistic creations from the Middle Ages. Stories in cathedrals were portrayed through complex sculptures and stained glass windows. These works of art made religious knowledge available to illiterate people (peasants, knights, etc.).
Cathedrals often always have gargoyles gargoyles are special sculptures used to drain water that has gathered on the roof of a cathedral. Though, they were also a way of scaring people into going into cathedrals.
Cathedrals also have bell towers to play music and play the hour for towns and villages. Bells rang every hour. The bell towers were always at the front of the cathedral.
A 360 VR video of the Chichester Cathedral, taken with a drone.

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