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The original grave site of Tomochichi the Indian Chief of the Yamacraw who befriended the British settlers. River Stones formed a traditional Indian mound.
Underground Cisterns There were 12 squares in Savannah that contained underground cisterns up until 1848. These cisterns allowed firefighters to access the thousands of gallons of water to protect the squares from fire. Elbert Square still has a working cistern.
The civil rights leader, Adam Clayton Powell helped to lead an strike against all the Savannah merchants in 1960 to obtain the rights for blacks to eat at all white lunch counters and to break down racist customs. He is seen here praying with the black strikers as he stands on the Tomochichi monument.
This photograph is dated around 1850 and shows the development of Wright Square.
This entrance to the city courthouse was used in the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance starring Matt Damen and Will Smith. The movie was directed by Robert Redford in 2000.
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