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The movie Forest Gump was filmed in Savannah and Beaufort, SC. The bench scene was shot where the Chippawa Square sign is on the north side of the square. The movie was filmed 22 years ago. The actual bench was a prop from Hollywood. Below is the opening scene from the movie.
MOVIE- Life is like a box of chocolate scene. Forrest Gump - *Life is like a box of chocolates* *Mandela effect* - YouTube
An early photograph of Johnson Square in 1900. These Civil War busts are now in Forsyth Park.
The sculpture Daniel Chester French giving a speech in 1910 right before the unveiling.
Here is how the square appeared post Civil War era with two busts of Confederate Generals that died at each end of the square alone with a fountain in the center of the square.
The square in 1910 after the dedication of the monument. Notice the size of the oak trees.
GHOSTS OF THE SAVANNAH THEATRE Phantoms of the Theater: Haunting at the Savannah Theater - YouTube