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Use the Search by Title field to find products by Title or Keyword. As you type a drop down list of products will appear. Type until the product you want to purchase is highlighted or you can scroll down the list or click on a title to select the product. The highlighted product in the list can also be selected by using the Tab or Enter key.
Use this field when you know the SKU or product code of the item you wish to purchase. Product Codes are listed in most of our catalogues and consist of up to 6 characters in length. For example, YOUCAT 's product code is YCATP <br><br> As you type in a product code, a drop down list will appear and filter out products as you type to narrow the selection to those products matching the field data.<br><br> When the product you desire is highlighted, you can hit the Tab or Enter key to select the product. Or you can scroll down or click on the product in the list to select it.
Once you have selected a product and entered a Quantity, you can Tab to the ADD button and hit Enter to add the product directly to your shopping cart. You can also click on the button to add the product.<br><br> Move from field to field using the Tab key and Enter key to add products quickly without having to use your mouse or leave the shopping cart.
Access the Quick Shopping feature by going to the shopping cart directly. Click on the shopping cart icon and then click the VIEW CART link.

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