What are the ibex goats and what are their threats? The ibex goat is a species of goat that climbs steep cliffs and lives in the alpines. The ibex adaptations include padded hooves to climb on steep cliffs to get to water and to get away from predators. Also, an instinct that they are born with is to run up cliffs to get away from predators. The ibex have a weak food chain because of the lack of biodiversity that is caused by the only three species that are included in the food chain, plants, ibex, and fox. There are only three because the ibex only eat plants because they are herbivores and the fox is the only predators that will hunt the ibex. The ibex have very few interactions with other species but the few include foxes predators, cows, and humans. Cows are interacting with the ibex because people are over farming the alpines that is causing the ibex to have to use the farmers land and interacting with the cows. Finally, humans because of hunting thus causing this interaction. The ibex threats would include overhunting and habitat loss. Overhunting is creating a weak population for the alpine ibex. Second habitat loss that is creating even more of a weak population. The weak population combined with the weak biodiversity causes the Alpine ibex to be threatened with extinction. By learning about one animal in the alpines, you can see how easily the ecosystem is threatened.
The Bearded vulture is a bird of prey that doesn't fear anything, except humans. The Bearded vultures wingspan is about 94 - 125 cm in length. Their wingspan is so long so that they can glide over long distances. The Bearded vulture has another name, bone eater. They get this name because they eat bones and bone marrow. They get to the bone marrow by flying up really high and dropping the bones so that they break open revealing the bone. This means that they are scavengers and they eat what they can get off of dead animals. The Bearded vulture is endangered in the Alps because farmers hunted them out. This is because they were scared that the Bearded vulture would kill their animals and because the farmers used pesticides that got consumed by the birds. We need to help save these animals so that our world remains healthy.
Alps Introduction
Alps Conservation Efforts
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