Do you like dogs? You may be thinking I’m talking about house dogs, but I’m talking about wilds dogs, more specifically, wolfs. Today I will be telling you about one of the most critically endangered species The African Wild Dog. I will be going over it adaptions, food chain and the african wild dogs threats. The African wild dog has adapted very well to its environment in the Sahara. It has a lot of endurance And can chase its prey for long periods at a time in the sand dunes. The African wild dog is a predator and eats antelope, a Primary. The African wild dog is eaten by vultures a predator. The African wild dog is one of the most endangered species on earth and there are very few left in the Sahara desert. The rest are mainly located in the south end of Africa, where they are being killed by farmers, who are poisoning and shooting them because of their livestock going missing. These animals are also dying off because of habitat loss due to farmers taking more land to expand their farms and grow more crops. The African wild dog is also facing an edge effect because when we make 5000 kilometers presents for them they spread out to the very edge of the area and are limiting themselves to only ten kilometers. Overall, the African wild dog is in danger and we need to help it. You can help this dog by donating to the Defenders of Wildlife organization. By doing so you are helping the African wild dog be safer and repopulate!
Today I will be telling you about a very special animal from just South of the Sahara Desert. That animal is the golden mole. The golden mole is a very interesting animal. Golden moles have leather nose flaps to keep out sand. They are also able to detect the smallest of vibrations underground to help them find prey. The main predator of the golden mole is the black harrier, which is a bird of prey. The prey of the golden mole is insects. The Fennec Fox eats golden moles. The area in the desert that golden moles can live in is small and shrinking. When gardeners see them, they kill the moles because they falsely see them as a threat to the crops, like field mice who eat plants the gardener is trying to grow, although the moles actually help by eating harmful insects. Golden moles are a very special and interesting animal, and it would be a shame if they went extinct.
Sahara Conservation Efforts
Sahara Introduction
The Saharan Cheetah is a spotted animal that has strong legs for speeding off away from their enemies, and they also use their adaptation to pounce on and kill their prey. The Saharan Cheetah is a tertiary consumers meaning that it can hunt larger animals such as gazelles, camels, and other smaller animals it can normally hunt. The Saharan Cheetah interacts with the other organisms, competing them by using their abilities to kill and hunt for prey such as Dama Gazelles and wildebeests. They’re also known to go extinct for many reasons, including humans invading their land and capturing it to make room for mining operations. Humans also steal their food which is rabbits and other small animals decreasing food supply for the cheetahs.We loved their spotted skin so much that we used their fur as merchandise on fur coats to use as fashion. Now we know about the Saharan Cheetah and its natural characteristics, now knowing that it’s one of the endangered species ranked in CR in the IUCN red list.

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