Amanda started her class with a review for her upcoming state science assessment. Using Discovery Education's Spotlight On Strategies, Four Corners, students responded to this opening activity by moving to the corner representing their answer. After students selected their response, Amanda asked them to support it, and explain why the other options were not correct responses.
A hands-on glacier activity helps students learn about the power of glaciers in the formation of land.
Harnessing the power of technology gives students access to multiple resources to help them master content and share what they've learned.
Every student needs to have great literacy skills across all curriculum areas. In Amanda's classroom, she balances her love of technology integration with the development and mastery of literacy skills in every lesson and activity.
Digital media is important. Yet, Amanda marries the use of digital media with paper/pencil activities so that her students can analyze, synthesize, and create using multimodal approaches to content delivery and engagement.

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