Trinity Cathedral Cleveland Trinity Cathedral: Cleveland, Ohio
"Oil Can" Church at University Circle University Circle United Methodist Church: Cleveland, Ohio
Italy: Milano @ 360°
Norwich Cathedral 11Century Building: How Awesome Canterbury Cathedral Virtual Tour
This is our first 360 tour of many more to come, we hope. The audio file should start playing. Listen to the directions. We will also need your feedback, as we plan more "trips" like this. Check out the google form on my desk.
Many Cathedrals have "Famous" people entombed inside. Like this, King Edward II In the Gloucester Cathedral. Most Cathedrals have an area under the main floor called the Catacombs and crypt (mean about same thing)... You can visit the catacombs in many of these virtual tours.
Cathedrals were built to inspire awe. They were the most expensive and beautiful buildings built. Sometimes construction on a cathedral could take two hundred years to finish. Most cathedrals were built in a similar fashion. They generally were laid out in the shape of a cross. They had very tall walls and high ceilings --The York Minster Cathedral took 252 years to build. The images of the stained glass, seen here, is in Minster, it is the largest in the world. --Some master masons were able to work on a single cathedral for their entire life. --Churches provided education and looked after the poor and the sick. The main body of a cathedral is called the "nave", the ends of the cross section are called the "transepts", and the entrance is called the "narthex"
The term ‘Gothic’ used to describe medieval architecture was first coined in the 16th Century as a derogatory term, as it was thought inferior to ‘Classical’ architecture. Classical means the Greece and Roman Architecture. I personally like Gothic better:)

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