Pics4learning The Golden Eagle is a natural predator. This huge bird feeds on snakes, prairie dogs, mice and other rodents.
Pics4learning Geese are a very common bird. They like to live around bodies of water and can often be seen in large flocks.
Pics4learning Prairie dogs are main the prey eagles. They dig holes to keep them safe. When they fell they are threatened they will go in the tunnels where they are safe.
Pics4learning Dragonflies are colorful insects that usually live around bodies of water. They have several predators such as frogs, fish and birds.
Pics4Learning Algae is a leafless, stemless plant that grows in water. This unique plant is in the seaweed family.
Pics4Learning Weeds you can find anywhere in the prarie. weeds take away water from flowers and is every gardeners enemie.
Pics4learning Prairie grass (also known as switch grass) is very common throughout North America. It offers protection and food to animals and is an important part of the prairie's ecosystem.
Pics4Learning Tall Grass is a type of plant that grows on the banks of bodies of water. Tall Grass provides shelter and protection for birds, bugs and insects. A project created in Wixie.
Pics4learning Squirrels like to make their nests in trees. Squirrels don't eat meat they eat berries and nuts. Squirrels are very common in Colorado. if you go on a walk for 5 minutes I bet you will see a squirrel.
Pics4Learnig The Cottonwood tree is a large leafy tree in the summer.
Pics4learning and AudioSoundClips Coyotes life in all Colorado life zones. Coyotes are nocturnal which means they catch there prey at night. Die 6 Polarwölfe beim Heulkonzert. Viel Spaß The Golden Eagle By: Tommy Sutton
Pics4Learning Trout, bluegill, perch, bass and black and white crappies have an important role in the balance of the ecosystem. They eat algae, bugs and other small fish which helps keep the waters balanced.