The Rattler is a first of its kind 360/VR Film Experience that shows you what it's like to be a member of the FAMU Marching "100." The 3-Day Journey takes place during Homecoming weekend, the most highly anticipated time of year for the band. From Day/Night Practices, to the Homecoming Parade, the Bandroom and finally a look inside the famous "The Rattler" marching step on the the end of the experience, visitors are left with feeling a sense of passion, presence and soul that is typically only felt/known by Marching "100" members themselves. The Rattler project was a collaboration between LMichelleMedia and the Jump Start Program.
Adam VL Taylor, Florida A&M University Photographer, VR Editor, The Rattler
Cori Bostic, Member of The Florida A&M University Marching "100" VR Narrator, The Rattler
Christopher King Salvant, Sr., VR Field Producer [LMichelleMedia Company ](
Thomas Jackson, [Covalent Reality]( VR Tech Partner/Director
Craig Winger, [Covalent Reality]( VR Technical Producer
Support the FAMU Marching "100" On Their Journey To [The Rose Bowl Parade]( Donations can be made by calling the FAMU Foundation at 850.412.5755
More about [The Jump Start Program](
We did journal/blog about our experience. Check out some of our notes here:) [Jump Journey](