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ThingLink Education#

ThingLink Education provides teachers and students with a powerful and flexible tool for teaching and learning that is useful across all content areas


Tagging tools bring images to life #

  • Upload, tag, share and manage your interactive images across different platforms
  • In addition to normal links, you can tag your images with these rich media contents


Flexible student login options #

  • Students can have an individual account without requiring email
  • Students can login with their Google Apps for Education Accounts
  • Teachers can add students to their own classrooms by generating a set of usernames and passwords
  • Add unlimited number of students


Safe and secure browsing environment#

  • Safe and secure classroom environment
  • Maximum limits to Google Video search automatically applied
  • Students can only see images created by other students, teachers and images curated by ThingLink
  • Ability to unlist images from public


Organize your classrooms with groups#

  • Create groups for each class (3 class limit)
  • View student work and tag image to provide immediate feedback and for use as an assessment tool
  • Promotes team collaboration
  • Students can add comments to images created by classmates


Tablet and mobile functionality #

  • Students can work on iOS and Android apps
  • iOS and Android apps are not required to use ThingLink
  • Gives ability to view and edit images created on desktop from tablet or mobile
  • Work on projects at home or on class trips


Presentations like never before#

  • Add multiple interactive images to one unit
  • View as slideshow to make presentations interactive
  • Unlimited interactive images can be included in a slideshow
  • Add any image on ThingLink to a slideshow
  • Can also be used to organize student work or class projects


Google Drive integration#

  • Tag images and videos with Google Drive
  • Functions directly within image
  • Docs, Forms, and Slides

Plan details#

This is a free account and one license covers one teacher. Teachers can add up to 100 students across 1 classroom. Purchase Premium Education to add up to 1000 students across 30 classrooms.

Unlock more icons, customization and classrooms with ThingLink Premium Education

Contact us with any questions!