Toilet Partitions, Phenolic Lockers, Compact Laminate & HPL

Introduce: Jiangsu Jiashida Decorative Material Co.,Ltd.

Brikley is a professional manufacturer of Compact Laminate, Phenolic Resin Board and HPL.

We provide Toilet Partitions, HPL Lockers, Wall Panels, Table Tops and Phenolic Resin Countertops. We also can use our CNC machines to make router table top, sewing machine table top, lap top, etc.

If you are not professional, please choose us. If you are professional, please choose us too. Because we have absolute leading advantages no matter on the price or the quality.

Here we will update more pictures of the quality Toilet Partition System, High Pressure Laminates, Phenolic Lockers and Router Table Tops for you. I hope this will help you find best products which you wanna buy.

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