Man headdress It can be black or red, made of Sardinian r...
<div>Man headdress "BERRITTA"</div><div>It can be black or red, made of Sardinian rough woollen cloth or cloth, it is about 50 cm long, it can be folded on a side or in the back or folded in front.</div>
<div>Shirt "CAMISA"</div><div>It is always white, made of cotton or linen, the neckline can have embroideries and can be closed by gold or silver cuff links .</div>
<div>Jacket "CROPETTU"</div><div>As the woman' s one it is made of high value textiles and can be of different colours, often it is embroidered .</div>
<div>Trousers "CRATZONIS"</div><div>They are always white and wide, the length can change.</div>
<div>Black Small Skirt "SA RODA"</div><div>It is very characteristic, you wear it on the trousers, it is a simple cloth rectangle, curled in the waist.</div>
<div>Headdress "MUCADORI"</div><div>The colours, the embroideries, the way to fix it on the head are many. It is possible to know the place of origin checking the way the headdress is fixed around the head </div>
<div>Shirt "CAMISA"</div><div>The shirt is white, made of linen or cotton, often it has got a lace neck enriched with silver or gold buttons</div>
<div>Jacket "BASCHINA"</div><div>It is made of high value textiles </div>
<div>Skirt "GUNNEDDA"</div><div>It's always long, often adorned on the edge with golden and coulored ribbons. It is curled on the back and flat in the front</div>
<div>Apron "DEVENTALI"</div><div>You wear it over the skirt, the textile can change</div>

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