Where have all the Sparrows gone? Portugal
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<div>Two lovely sparrows</div><div> Two lovely sparrows </div><div> Lived in a dense forest</div><div> So beautiful was their nest</div><div> They lived in divine bliss</div><div> Whenever wanted, they would kiss</div><div> They have three little ones to care</div><div> And their happiness to share</div><div><br></div><div> A cruel hunter came to the forest</div><div> And shot the male sparrow</div><div> With his fatal arrow</div><div> The sparrow fell like a star</div><div> And traveled afar</div><div> The female sparrow wept and sobbed</div><div> Tears flowed from her eyes</div><div> Like swift flood waters</div><div> She loved his mate so dear</div><div> And was engulfed by fear</div><div> Her neighbours are not helpful</div><div> Their ways are dreadful</div><div> But she would live for her little ones</div><div> And determined to sing for their happiness</div><div> She would not search for another mate</div><div> The very thought she will hate</div><div> She accepted her fate</div><div> And she is divinely great</div><div><br></div><div> Written by</div><div> JVL NARASIMHA RAO</div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Song Sparrow</span></div><div><br></div><div>Listen to the sounds of the Song Sparrow.</div><div><br></div> youtu.be Listen to the sounds of the Song Sparrow.
<div>The Spanish Sparrow breeds both in large colonies where it'll take over a small wood with hundreds or thousands of nests or it breeds in smaller colonies in the bottom of White Storks' nests. With the dramatic increase of the latter since the '80s, so the population of Spanish Sparrows has increased, though their preferred habitat, open countryside, remains the same, and there has been little expansion from their core areas. </div><div>While the male is easily distinguished from the House Sparrow, having a pure chestnut head and streaked belly, the female is indistinguishable in the field. Where the species nests as a woodland-based colony they can appear in vast numbers and have a detrimental effect on nearby cereal crops.</div>
<div>The Tree Sparrow is easily overlooked in the south of the country as it is not as numerous as in the colder north. Smaller and dumpier than the House Sparrow, it has a pure chestnut head and a small black cheek patch, commonly referred to as its ear.</div>
<div>The Rock Sparrow has an odd distribution pattern in Portugal and is primarily confined to a swathe of territory running through the country 100 kms either side of the Tagus. Its plumage superficially resembles a female House Sparrow, but with its broadly striped head and thick, heavy bill it will be obvious given anything more than a cursory look. During the colder months of the year it tends to form large flocks. Its preferred habitat is dry open ground, often with rocks but is also just as happy with low vegetation.</div>
<div>Though a ubiquitous resident throughout the country, the House Sparrow has declined dramatically since the '80s in Portugal. In the south there have been two main reasons, firstly the switch from an agriculture largely animal-powered to one powered by the internal combustion engine, and secondly the adoption of EU laws on agricultural practices. The decline mirrors that of northern European countries, though has been more noticeable as the decline in the north was spread out over 50 years while that in Portugal has largely been telescoped into half that time. As populations have declined so the Allee effect has further increased the drop in numbers and the species is increasingly uncommon. </div><div>This trend is noticeable even here at the Quinta; sadly I no longer see House Sparrows in the garden here whereas we used to have a roosting colony over 2,000 strong every evening.</div>
A sparrow Symbolises different things in differents Cultures dreamingandsleeping.com Even though it is a very small and tiny bird, a sparrow is a very powerful spirit animal. This bird may have different meanings and it can be your spirit guide.
Fun Facts about Sparrows The ancient Egyptians used a hieroglyph that represented the house sparrow. It was used as a determinative in the words "small," "narrow," or "bad." Sparrows have an extra bone in their tongue to help them eat seeds!
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