<div>The Village at Northstar is one of the finest mountain villages in Lake Tahoe, California and North America. Here at Northstar's premier mountain village, you will find everything from high-end athletic gear to designer shoes and hand-made jewelry to children's' boutiques and toy stores. The family-friendly shopping area also offers mini-golf, a kid zone, an array of dining options and quick access to outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and winter snowsports. </div><div><br></div><div>Click below to learn more about The Village at Northstar California shopping.</div> www.northstarcalifornia.com Looking for unique shopping finds? You'll find everything from winter clothing and equipment, to designer brands, hand-made jewelry and children's styles in the village.
<div>The Village at Squaw Valley offers something for everyone, including those looking for a taste of local products and those looking for name-brand, reliable outerwear and accessories. With over 50 restaurants, bars, boutiques and galleries, all located at the base of the mountain resort, the European-inspired walking village is an experience in itself. When not shopping, there are a number of activities for all ages and ability levels to compliment your time in The Village, including taking runs on the slopes in winter to a scenic hike in the summer.</div><div><br></div><div>Click below to learn more about The Village at Squaw Valley shopping.</div><div><br></div> squawalpine.com The Village at Squaw Valley® Shopping
<div>Kings Beach offers a fun, quirky and intimate shopping experience for all beach goers, visitors and passerby. With the majority of shopping and walking located adjacent to Lake Tahoe, it’s easy to spend the day playing outside while filling up shopping bags with unique finds. Many stores offer locally-made goods like furniture, pottery, stand up paddle boards and jewelry, as well as hand-carved black bears and other home decor. A stroll up and down North Lake Boulevard will also treat shoppers to fun gift shops, a healthy deli and market, sporting equipment rentals, a hardware store, and more.</div><div><br></div><div>Click below to learn more about Kings Beach shopping.</div> northtahoebusiness.org
<div>Shopping in Tahoe City is an adventure in itself. With a walkable path along the main street and several distinct shopping centers, such as Boatworks Mall and Cobblestone Center, shoppers of all types can find what they need (and more). Locally-owned boutiques with the latest in fashion finds, chocolates, wines, children’s toys and more, are sprinkled amongst sporting stores, bath products, fine art galleries and beyond. Browse all that Tahoe City has to offer on bike or foot, and be sure to walk across the street to Commons Beach for lakeside fun. </div><div><br></div><div>Click below to learn more about Tahoe City Shopping.</div> www.visittahoecity.org Shop In Tahoe City Shopping in Tahoe City is a favorite pastime for visitors and locals alike with our walkable downtown community capturing the essence of a small town shop-and-stroll experience. Tahoe City’s stores offer seasonal goods and equipment rentals for anything you need on the trail,
<div>The town of Incline Village, Nevada is home to several shopping centers and a sprinkling of independent stores and boutiques. When not exploring nearby hiking trails, swimming on the east shore of Lake Tahoe or skiing at Diamond Peak, shoppers of all types can find locally-made goods, home decor, apparel, and more. Drawing from the beauty of their natural surroundings, the locally-owned boutiques and bargain basement shops in Incline Village are infused with the charm of Lake Tahoe. Great for families, couples or a solo day of shopping, visitors are invited to explore Incline Village on bike, foot or car while browsing for the next best find. </div><div><br></div><div>Click below to learn more about Incline Village shopping. </div> www.gotahoenorth.com Incline Village Lake Tahoe