Hull Council's proposed ward boundary change map
<div>Avenues Ward</div><div>This ward will be largely unchanged, but will be expanded to include a portion of Myton Ward.</div><div>The Polling Stations will remain the same, however:</div><div>Veterans Pavilion will incorporate part of existing Myton Ward </div><div><br></div>
<div>Central Ward</div><div>This will be a newly formed ward made from Newland and part of Myton</div><div>The Polling Stations for this ward will be:</div><div>Spring Bank Community Centre - Double</div><div>Beverley Road Baths - Single </div><div>Brunswick House - Single </div>
<div>St Andrew &amp; Dockland Ward.</div><div>This new ward will contain most of the existing St Andrew ward and the lower section of Myton </div>
<div>Newington and Gipsyville Ward</div><div>This area will be made of the existing Newington Ward with the addition of a section of Pickering. Minor non-residential areas from St Andrews are also in this area.</div><div>The Gipsyville Multi-purpose Centre Polling station will be transf<span>erred from Pickering Ward</span></div>
<div>Drypool Ward</div><div>This area is being reduced losing a section to Holderness</div><div>The majority of Polling Stations will not change, with one exeption:</div><div>Buckingham Primary School will be reduced from a double to single station as a result of a reduction in electorate </div>
<div>Marfleet Ward</div><div>Whilst losing a section to Ings Ward, a large section of former Southcoats East are being added.</div><div>The current Marfleet community centre polling station will transfer to Craven Lea as within electorate limits for single station.</div><div>The incoming Southcoat East electorate will be assigned to Craven Lea community centre</div><div><br></div>
<div>Southcoats Ward</div><div>This would become an integration of Southcoats West, some of Southcoats East and a section of Marfleet to the South .</div><div>The following Southcoats West Polling Stations will be transferred:</div><div>Veterans Pavilion, Sacred Heart Church Hall, Estcourt Primary School - this with include newly merged Marfleet</div><div>The Following will come from Southcoats East:</div><div>Southcoats Primary School, Former Preston Road Customer Service Centre, Portabello Church Hall</div>