UA Tech Crawl (Thu Sep 28, 2017 from 4-6pm)
<div><b>Makerspace</b></div><div><i>Science and Engineering Library 2nd Floor iSpace</i></div><div>Learn about our makerspace, including the technology we provide (3D scanning and printing equipment, a visualization wall, virtual reality headsets, Raspberry Pis, littleBits kits, and more) to campus, as well as how we integrate with the curriculum across disciplines.</div>
<div><b>Virtual Reality</b></div><div><i>Science and Engineering Library 2nd Floor - iSpace</i></div><div>Try the latest and greatest Virtual Reality headsets and discover ways to engage your students in new and surprising ways.</div>
<div><b>Technology Lending Program</b></div><div><i>Science and Engineering Library 2nd Floor - Lobby</i></div><div>Today’s students require a lot of different technology for their coursework, but who can afford it all? To help bridge the gap, libraries now lend a wide array of technology, including laptops, camcorders, 360 cameras, 3D printing, 3D scanning, GoPros, and iPad Pros. Learn about our program and how students are using technology.</div>
<div><b>OneNote Class Notebook</b></div><div><i>Science and Engineering Library 3rd Floor - Room 308</i></div><div>Leverage the organizational and collaborative power of Microsoft OneNote in your classroom. Have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.</div>
<div><b>Adobe Spark</b></div><div><i>Science and Engineering Library 3rd Floor - Room 313</i></div><div>Three easy-to-use apps built for web and mobile help everyone tell their stories. The results are both handsome and professional.</div>
<div><b>Small &amp; Slow Data: Learning Analytics Ideas for Individual Faculty in Specific Courses</b></div><div><i>Science and Engineering Library 3rd Floor - Room 311</i></div><div>Even if individual instructors don’t have access to the big data their institutions are collecting, they can still collect, analyze, and act upon “small” class focused data in meaningful ways. At this station learn about ideas for collecting, analyzing, and responding to student data using applications like online surveys, LMS analytics, and the station will be showcasing D2L’s Intelligent Agents. </div>
<div><b>Playposit</b></div><div><i>Main Library 3rd Floor - Room 311</i></div><div>Stop by to find out how to transform videos into active learning objects with embedded reflections, knowledge check questions, and discussions. </div>
<div><b> and Kahoot!</b></div><div><i>Main Library 3rd Floor - Room 313</i></div><div>Looking for new and exciting ways to assess your learners? After this session, you’ll know:</div><div>How to pique your students’ attentions and moods with the formative assessment tool Kahoot! (yes, the exclamation mark does say it all)And where to start digital badging for summative assessments with a tool called Credly.</div><div><b>Bonus!</b> Leave this session with a nifty badge to flaunt your skills.</div>
<div><b>VoiceThread</b></div><div><i>Main Library 3rd Floor - Room 314</i></div><div>A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Come and see how you can integrate this powerful visual discussion board to engage your students in authentic conversations around visual media. We will have example of actual students and faculty interacting in a course.</div>
<div><b>Slack for Classrooms</b></div><div><i>Main Library 3rd Floor - Room 315</i></div><div>See how you can integrate one of the fastest growing communication tools in the industry with your online teaching and curriculum to promote a sense of community and streamline your classes.</div>
<div><b>3D Scanning and File Prep at the Zone</b></div><div>Get 3D scanned and prepare a 3D print file for an online request to the Main Library’s 3D print services. Print a bust or a small action figure of yourself. </div>
<div><b>Video Studio Tour</b></div><div><i>Harvill 2nd Floor - Room 201</i></div><div>High quality video production can provide an effective way of enriching the learning experience in the online modality. Tour the Office of Digital Learning video production studio and see examples of how UA Online leverages the power of video in the online learning environment. </div>
<div><b>Game Lab: MACBETH and VERITAS</b></div><div><i>Harvill 2nd Floor - Room 205</i></div><div>Come demo two video games: MACBETH, created for the intelligence community to train analysts to avoid cognitive bias in their decision-making, and VERITAS, a deception detection training game.</div>
<div><b>iSchool Makerspace</b></div><div><i>Harvill 4th Floor - Room 401</i></div><div>Come and see the University’s iSchool rapid prototyping lab, where we make things, build robots, and play with cool stuff! Meet iSchool faculty working in the only iSchool (Information School) in the U. S. Southwest. </div>
<div><b>Video Studio Tour</b></div><div><i>College of Education - Room 314</i></div><div>Visit the College of Education’s compact and versatile media production / technology studio. See how individuals or small groups can create and publish high quality videos and use innovative technology to support teaching, teleconferences, and digital learning.</div>
<div><b>Adobe Creative Cloud</b></div><div><i>OSCR Shantz Lab - Shantz, Room 338</i></div><div>Come visit OSCR’s Shantz Computer Lab for a quick crash course on where to find Adobe Creative Cloud and what it does. The full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is available at all OSCR Computer Lab locations. </div>
<div><b>3D Modeling Demo</b></div><div><i>OSCR ECE Lab - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Room 228</i></div><div>Stop by OSCR’s ECE 228 Computer Lab for a 3D modeling demo in Solidworks. This program is available for use in all OSCR Computer Labs. </div>
<div><b>Information Station</b></div><div>If at any time you need guidance, we'll have friendly volunteers on hand in front of the Main Library handing out printed maps and pointing you in the right direction.</div><div><br></div><div><b>How to Crawl</b></div><div>Start at any location on the map and pop in for a demo. Make sure to vote for your fave station on with code #5238. Grab a raffle ticket for prizes to be given out at Gentle Ben's.</div>

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