<div>The Dark Side of the painting shows the artist trying to show that the west as a very mysterious and dangerous place. The Americans are "bringing the light of progress as they come west to change the west for the better.</div>
<div>The light side of the paining shows the artist trying to depict the settled parts of America as a place of progress and improvement. Gives a positive impression of America.</div>
<div>The American City. A very crowded and busy place of trade. There are ships in the harbor and bridges connecting the city to the rest of the country.</div>
<div>STAR OF EMPIRE: This symbol on the head of "Colombia" represents America's vision of a grand country that will stretch across the North American Continent spreading our ideals of freedom and democracy. </div>
<div>SCHOOL BOOK: This represents America's view that Education is key to a democracy's survival. We want a nation of educated citizens.</div>
<div>TELEGRAPH WIRES: "Colombia" is stretching these wires across America. The Telegraph was an early form of communication that made it faster to talk over great distances. She is connecting the country with these wires so we can communicate with each other.</div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">THE PONY EXPRESS: Learn about these riders with this Pony Express Museum Video</span></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> www.youtube.com
<div>THE AMERICAN BISON (Buffalo): were a major source of food, clothing, and shelter for Native Americans. This herd is fleeing the approach of the Americans as they head west.</div>
<div>THE NATIVE AMERICANS: The west was not empty land, but instead full of native peoples that have lived there for thousands of years. In the painting they appear to be fleeing from the approaching Americans. What happens to them is a major part of the story of Westward Expansion.</div>
<div>PILE Of BONES: These are the skeletal remains of Buffalo. This depicts the destruction of the Buffalo at the hands of the Americans as they went west.</div>
<div>NATIVE AMERICAN VILLAGE: Here you see a Tepee, a traditional home of Native Americans who lived on the plains of North America for thousands of years. </div>
<div>MINERS: Here you see a group of Miners who are heading west to find their fortunes of Gold and/or Silver. </div>
<div>MOUNTAIN MAN: Many Americans went west to hunt and trap animals for their fur coats to sell to clothing stores back East for huge profits. These were some of the earliest Americans to head into the west.</div>
<div>LOG CABIN: The Log Cabin was a home for many Americans who settled the western lands. This home becomes a symbol of frontier spirit of rugged independence and separation from the larger communities back east.</div>
<div>COLOMBIA: This is not an Angel, but Colombia an early representation of the United States. She is the "Spirit" of America traveling west brining with her the progress of American Civilization. </div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Conestoga Wagons</span></div><div><br></div><div>This was a major form of transportation to the west. To get to California or Oregon would often take 6 months. Watch This Lyft Commercial</div> www.youtube.com YouTube
<div>STAGECOACH: Was another common method of transportation to the west. This is also the icon of the Bank WellsFargo. Read more about by clicking on the Read More Button.</div> www.wellsfargo.com Wells Fargo's iconic stagecoaches are deeply rooted in our heritage. We display them in our history museums and they participate in events and parades.
<div>FARMERS: Most Americans were farmers in the 1800s. The opening up of land to the west made it possible for people to come west to plow the land and raise crops.</div>
<div>THE TRAIN: As more and more Americans went west, trains soon followed making it faster and easier to travel west. What once was a 6 month journey now could take 6-7 days time to travel west.</div>
<div>BEARS: Bears were some of the largest animals in the west. We see this bear fleeing from the approaching Americans.</div>
<div>ELK: Elk and deer were common animals living in the west. Here we see this animal fleeing from the approaching Americans. </div>
<div>WAGON TRAIN: Many people who traveled to the west traveled in large groups called Wagon Trains for safety as they went west.</div>
<div>MUSTANGS: These wild horses brought to North America by Spanish Explorers become domesticated by Native Americans. Here we see them fleeing as the Americans move west.</div>
<div>MOUNTAINS: As Americans traveled west they would often have to pass through Mountain Ranges. These could be very dangerous places where being trapped by a Snow Storm was a real possibility. </div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Manifest Destiny</span></div><div><br></div><div>Learn more about history of the theme of Manifest Destiny</div> youtu.be Learn more about history and science with Studies Weekly! StudiesWeekly.com