<div><b>Visibility –</b> EcoStruxure™ IT provides global visibility across the hybrid ecosystem – from anywhere – including one tap access from your smartphone</div>
<div><b>Insights –</b> Data-driven recommendations help optimize performance, improve availability and mitigate risk</div>
<div><b>Risk Mitigation –</b> Using its global data lake, EcoStruxure™ IT uses analytics to predict potential future risks</div>
<div><b>Simplicity –</b> As a SaaS offer, it’s fast and easy to deploy, operate and scale plus provides a convenient subscription model for any size environment</div>
<div><b>Open –</b> EcoStruxure™ IT connects to all devices regardless of vendor and provides developer access through our open-innovation platform</div>
<div><b>24/7 Remote Service –</b> In the event of an incident, our Service Bureau can quickly troubleshoot or dispatch technicians on the basis of real-time data, ultimately reducing mean time to repair</div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">The was an error processing this request</span></div><div><br></div> www.schneider-electric.com Mobile Insights app provides real-time visibility to your data center from your smartphone! Remote Service provides 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting

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