<div>The bottom portion is comprised of cooper tablets on granite stone and was built in 1921.</div>
<div>155 mm howitzer cannon was made in Bourges, France in 1877 for the French Army.</div>
<div>The monument is location on the Norwalk Town Green at 80-82 East Ave in Norwalk, CT 06851</div>
<div>The GPS coordinates are Latitude 41.118, Longitude -73.408, Sea Level 19 m.</div>
<div>The monument was first dedicated in a ceremony on July 18, 1921</div>
<div>The cannon was originally painted in camouflage by cubist painters. After years without preservation, it was repainted with the factory green color.</div>
<div>The monument was originally located in front of the Norwalk Public Library on Belden Ave.</div>
<div>When the 1st Taxing District of Norwalk acquired the cannon, it took over 90 thousand dollars and several months to renovate it. </div>
<div>The cannon is one of several artillery pieces designed by Charles DeBange (serial number 1080).</div>
<div>The front tablet reads:</div><div>"The cannon that surmounts this monument was used by the French Army during the World War. It was captured by the German Army and later recaptured by the French and presented to the City of Norwalk, Conn., July 16, 1921, by the Republic of France."</div>