Moscow Bus Seat Architecture
<div>St. Basil's Cathedral - doesn't look half as exciting as the original when it's only blue and yellow, though.</div>
<div>Spasskaya Bashnya, one of 20 towers that surround the Kremlin. It's also the backdrop for Vladimir Putin's televised speech at midnight on New Year's Eve. </div>
<div>The highrises on New Arbat street - ugly in daylight, but not too bad at night when they are lit up. </div>
<div>The Shukhov Tower, an 1920s broadcasting tower. Looks like something you might be able to catch fish with.</div>
<div>MGU, the Moscow State University building. It's the highest of the "Seven Sisters" group of skyscrapers.</div>
<div>The Federation Tower, one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City. It's currently the highest building in Europe. </div>
<div>Yaroslavsky train station, one of Moscow's long-distnce train stations. If you're looking to ride teh Trans-Siberian, this is where you get on.</div>
<div>Melnikov House, built by early Constructivist architect Konstantin Melnikov, it located near Old Arbat street.</div>
<div>The Ostankino television tower is widely visible in Moscow. It's 540 m high.</div>
<div>The Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye. It was built to mark the birth of Ivan the Terrible.</div>
<div>The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow's most famous ballet venue.</div>

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