We promise to clean the rubbish from the ocean, We promis...
<div>We promise to clean the rubbish from the ocean</div>
<div>We promise to cut up the plastic rings that soda cans come with</div>
<div>We promise not to through plastic bags into the oceans.</div>
<div>We promise to recycle plastic bags and in case, make a knot.</div>
<div>Clean rubbish from the beach this summer.</div>
<div>If we see nets in the beach, we promise to cut up them and through them to the bin</div>
<div>We promise to protect marine animals. If we see them in danger we will phone to Cram</div>
<div>We promise do NOT buy mycrobites toothpastes.</div>
<div>People who smoke, must not through the cigarretes away.</div>
<div>I promise keep the rubbish in a correct bin.</div>
<div>I promise to clean the beach</div>
<div>We promise not to buy small fish</div>
<div>We promise keep the beaches clean.</div>
<div>I pledge whenever I see trash, I will pick it up</div>

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