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<div>Conflict in north-east Nigeria has spilled across borders, forcing people to flee. Armed men set fire to Falta's home. One of her children died and three were badly burned.</div>
<div>Climate change has taken its toll around Lake Chad. Crops struggle to grow. This has created an urgent food crisis.</div>
<div>Most people who fled are being sheltered by host communities that are among the poorest in the world. Ibrahim Sanda shares his home with 19 people. </div>
<div>Despite the extent of human suffering, this crisis does not make the headlines. It is effectively a #SilentEmergency. Help end the silence.</div> www.redcross.org.uk The Lake Chad crisis may not be making headlines, but millions of people are in need of help across Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad. Help end this #SilentEmergency.
<div>In Africa's Lake Chad region, conflict, climate change and displacement have led to food shortages and disease. </div>
<div><b>Long-read: Welcome to Mémé</b></div><div>Understand the Lake Chad crisis through the eyes of one village.</div> medium.com Silent Emergency: the Lake Chad crisis through the eyes of one village
<div>Half a million children have severe acute malnutrition. Cameroon Red Cross volunteer Mahamat Blama has seen many cases. </div>
<div>Shelter, food and water are scarce. Almost seven million people don't have enough nutritious food. </div>
<div>Photo credit: Chris de Bode / British Red Cross</div> s3.thingpic.com