<div><b>Presenter:</b> Sue Carlson</div><div><b>Grades: </b>All</div><div><b>Content Area: </b>All</div><div><b>Details: </b>Come explore "SchoolWires," our new, ADA-compliant teacher web client. Get all the NEISD required elements on your page completed in one session! Have your website ready before "Meet the Parents" night!</div><div><br></div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter:</b> Sue Carlson</div><div><b>Grades: </b>All</div><div><b>Content Area: </b>All</div><div><b>Details: </b>Come explore "SchoolWires," our new, ADA-compliant teacher web client. Get all the NEISD required elements on your page completed in one session! Have your website ready before "Meet the Parents" night!</div><div><br></div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Wes Ryan</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 3rd – 12th </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Learn the basics of screencasting using simple, free tools (Touchcast &amp; Screencast-o-matic). Easily incorporate files, images, and video into one recording. See how to easily create instructional videos and tutorials to help make your life easier in the classroom. Please bring your iPad &amp; laptop to this session. You will have time to explore and create video so you can hit the ground running next year! </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Gabriel Carrillo</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area: </b>All</div><div><b>Details:</b> This Nearpod Bootcamp will cover any and everything Nearpod related. Participants will get an in-depth training on all Nearpod tools and tricks. In addition, participants will create and walk out with a completed Nearpod lesson integrating what is covered in this class.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters: </b>Wes Ryan, Brad Cloud and Michelle Haider</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 6th - 12th</div><div><b>Details: </b>Streamline your class with resources that will help you save time and effort. Use simple tweaks to ensure you know where your students are in the learning and that they are engaged. Discuss clever options for stations, and grouping by ability, to change how you teach in the secondary </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Sarah Ogden</div><div><b>Grades:</b> K- 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b>Come learn about how to easily create and set up centers that incorporate your existing classroom technology. This training is geared toward Kinder-5th grade. Get to ready to go through interactive centers to help keep your students engaged. Some favorite apps will be shared as well. Please bring your charged laptop to create your own centers, and an iPad. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Paola Villalón-Perezsandi</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details: </b>Google Earth Tour Builder is an excellent tool to use with students in class to create virtual tours, narrate a story, retelling historical events, or even create their personal finance plan. Tour Builder allows you to enrich your projects with multimedia data such as photographs, video clips and text. A laptop is required. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Scott Mayer</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Using Lightspeed and a screen recorder learn how to record your lessons to use in a flipped classroom model or to post for your students/parents to review on your website.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Scott Mayer</div><div><b>Content area: </b>All</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Learn how to move all your files into and organize yourself in Google Drive along with its sharing for folders, documents etc. We will also look at the Chrome Web Store and what apps/extensions are and how they can help you.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Dave Mullinix</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 3rd – 12th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b>Participants will learn how to setup their own Google classroom, create announcements, assignments and how to integrate the classroom into other technology that you may already be using.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Sarah Ogden </div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre-K - 8th</div><div><b>Content: </b>All</div><div><b>Details:</b> In this class, we will learn about many great Google Features such as research tools, how to make a form for surveys, and learning which apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store can support your curriculum. We will look at Chrome itself and the helpful settings that make it even better, as well as productivity extensions and tips for you in your teaching and personal life. We will explore how the Chromebooks function, and the differences in the Chrome experience between Folio and Chromebook. Please bring your charged teacher laptop with you. (This class does not cover Google Drive or Classroom.)</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Jennifer Heine</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> 3rd – 5th</div><div><b>Details:</b> In this session a laundry list of sites that allow students to create products within one class period will be shared. We will also talk about how to have students submit these products. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters:</b> Heather Miller and Stacey Gleinser</div><div><b>Grades: </b>Pre-K - 5th</div><div><b>Content area: </b>All</div><div><b>Details: </b>What would your day look like if you were not able to use paper? How could push the boundaries and integrate technology into your already created lesson plans? This session will cover a variety of different resources, such as Smart LAB, Nearpod, and variety of different apps, that you can use to have a worksheetless Wednesday! </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Chad Belford</div><div><b>Content area: </b>All</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Details: </b>Come learn some technology tools to help you stay connected with students, parents, other teachers, and the world! Some of the tools we’ll utilize are Twitter, Google Forms, Pinterest, video conferencing software, Google Voice, Remind, and more!</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Michael Benavides</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> NEISD has iPads but now with the free iMovie app we also have a fun, engaging way to create and edit videos for both teacher and student productivity! We will practice using the iPad to record and edit video footage for use on your teacher sites or YouTube! (Bring Your iPad)</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Sarah Sepulveda</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre- K – 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> An introduction to using YouTube in the elementary classroom. Curate resources available on YouTube or upload your own to support instruction. We will set up your channel, explore playlists, privacy rights and more as well as learn to use the video editor to create our own content.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters:</b>Angie Oliverson and Stacey Gleinser</div><div><b>Grades: </b>K - 5th</div><div><b>Content area: </b>ELAR</div><div><b>Details:</b>In this session we'll talk about cross curricular books published in the last 3 years and ways to integrate these titles and tech into classroom lessons and activities. Some of the books will be available electronically through NEISD resources and some will be in regular print, but all will be shared with some great iPad or Chromebook activities to show and extend learning.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Jordan Nutt</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> This is an introduction to SMART amp, a collaborative workspace that allows students and teachers to easily create content, add multimedia, and communicate in real time. All you need is a web-browser. Participants will learn how to set-up a class, create and share an assignment, and navigate a workspace. SMART amp is a great tool for collaborative learning projects for any subject or any grade level. Bring your laptop so you can participate as a student and start creating lessons as a teacher. </div><div><br></div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Michael Benavides</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 9th - 12th</div><div><b>Details:</b> An introduction to using YouTube in NEISD to set up and create your channel. We will explore playlists, privacy rights, sharing, subscriptions, approving videos and using the video editor to create your own content.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Chad Belford</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Exploring the Virtual World in the Classroom: looking for a way to create interest and increase student engagement? VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) can enhance students' classroom experience by providing an immersive, technology-driven approach to learning. Come learn some fun ways to incorporate VR and AR into your classroom!</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Laura Moore</div><div><b>Content area</b>: All</div><div><b>Grades: </b>All</div><div><b>Details: </b>Sutori is a web based application that brings student work to life with various mutimedia content. Students and teachers can create interactive timelines that engage students in the learning process. Use text, images, video, quizzes, and links to additional content to provide learning opportunities across all content areas. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Laura Moore</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> How are you using technology in your classroom? Want to truly redefine the student learning experience and shift your teaching practice? HyperDocs could be the answer you are looking for. A digital tool that replaces the worksheet method of delivering instruction, HyperDocs are a way to package web tools that can be used to transform your lessons into interactive, multi-layered experiences for students.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters:</b> Victoria Soto and Amir Burton</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 8th - Algebra</div><div><b>Content area:</b> Math</div><div><b>Details:</b>Come learn the layout of the Nspire handheld and compare the TI-84. This session for all teachers who use, or will use, the TI-Nspire with their students. Calculators will be provided.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters: </b>Victoria Soto and Amir Burton</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 8th - Algebra</div><div><b>Content area:</b> Math</div><div><b>Details:</b> If you have taken a beginner course and are ready for more, then this session is for you. Find out how this device will be able to help your students discover concepts in your course. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Erin Marshall </div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area: </b>Math</div><div><b>Details:</b> Explore SMART lab activities and discuss different ways they can be used in the classroom with students. Time will be built in for participants to create an activity to use at the beginning of the year.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Stacey Gleinser</div><div><b>Grades:</b> K- 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> ELAR, Math, and Science</div><div><b>Details:</b>Learn how to use coding and integrate it into curriculum. Find ways to teach TEKS while using code. The presenter will show how they used coding with Math, Reading, and Science throughout different elementary grades. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Tech Camp Block Schedule 2017</span></div><div><br></div> docs.google.com 2014 Course Desc Book Course Title( BYOL= Bring Your Own Laptop), Class Length, Grade Level or Specialty, Course Description A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, 90 minutes, Learn to use different desktop or mobile editing tools to add some pizazz to your classroom or student projects. This is...
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Need a schedule you can print and fill out with your classes? Then click the button below!</span></div> drive.google.com AttendeePlanningSheetfor2017.pdf
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Dave Mullinix</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> In this session participants will be introduced to Edpuzzle, which allows teachers to use video for formative assessment. Participants will also learn how they can easily create their own video and upload it to Edpuzzle or create an assessment using Google Forms.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Teresa Brown</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details</b>: Explore the features of SMART Notebook 16.1 that allow you to create interactive content. We will explore how to build interactive pages using the Activity Builder, as well as text boxes, colors, grouping, and ordering to manipulate content on the page to make your lessons interactive and engaging. SMART Lab and Response 2 will also be covered. Bring your laptop with Notebook 16.1 installed.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Wes Ryan</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 6th – 12th </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details</b>: Share Session (Think Edcamp). Have some great ideas you would like to share, or learn about? Tell others what’s working well in your classroom. Get valuable feedback and take away some great ideas. This will be an informal session where discussions, tips and tricks are welcome. Come in, share, and let's learn from each other’s successes! The goal is to leave feeling energized and ready to start some new initiatives to help enhance the learning with your students.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Michelle Haider</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 6th – 12th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> ELAR</div><div><b>Details</b>: Come dive into SMART Lab and SMART Response in SMART Notebook 16.1 and see how you can liven up your STAAR Review. These features of Notebook 16.1 allow you to create reviews with interactive games and questions where students can use different devices to respond.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Brad Cloud</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details</b>: Adobe Spark Video is simple and elegant. It's an iPad app or it can be used on the web. It's for sure one of the easiest tools for creating presentations in video form. You'll be inspired by what Adobe Spark Video can do for you and your students.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters: </b>Sarah Ogden and Heather Miller</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre- K – 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details</b>: Be ready to start with Seesaw the first day of school! We will cover embedded content lessons that will incorporate rolling out Seesaw in stages from the beginning, then continue throughout the year using your already district-approved lesson plans. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters: </b>Jordan Nutt and Amanda Galvin</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre- K- 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details</b>: Need some new tech tools for your tool belt? Then join us for this engaging session on digital tech tools for elementary students. Tech tools will be geared for Think pads, Chromebooks, Computer (VDI) Lab and iPads. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter:</b> Chad Belford</div><div><b>Content area: </b>All</div><div><b>Grades</b>: All</div><div><b>Description: </b>Come learn some tools and strategies to utilize student devices on our NEISD WiFi network. We’ll learn how to create digital quizzes, and exit tickets, collect data, and encourage student collaboration with these tools that work on a “Bring Your Own Device” campus. Your campus hasn’t adopted BYOD yet? No problem! Everything we will learn will work on district devices on our network, as well. Please bring your teacher laptop and a mobile device.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><br></div><div><b>Presenter: </b>Gabriel Carrillo</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area: All</b></div><div><b>Details:</b>This class is designed for those individuals who have taken the Nearpod Basics class or are familiar with the Nearpod platform. In this class, we will discover the advanced features of Nearpod including the Collaborate and Student-Paced features. We will look at how to use Nearpod to differentiate your lessons as well as use it as a homework tool. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Cindy Glenn</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b>Come learn about and explore the different features of SMART Learning Suite. You'll interact with SMART Notebook, LAB, Response 2 and Amp and learn a variety of ways to integrate these tools into your lessons. The possibilities are endless.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Dave Mullinix</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details: </b>Are you using twitter in your classroom or as a resource? In this session, we will get you signed up for twitter, cover the twitter basics, setup a tweetdeck account and participate in our own twitter chat. You will need an iPad, laptop or phone for this course.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenters: </b>Erin Marshall &amp; Michelle Haider</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> Math, Science, and Social Studies</div><div><b>Details</b>: Bring topics to life with these green screen apps! Learn how to put your students into the setting of a book, take them back in time to a battle ground, sail the seven seas or just put a new twist on an animal research project. Using green screen apps you will learn how to make other teachers "green with envy!" We will be sharing one paid app- Doink.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Erin Marshall</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b>Connecting and collaborating globally with other classrooms in the district, experts in the field, classes in other parts of the country or world isn't as hard as you may think. Come learn how to use Google Hangouts to contact experts, authors, have a Mystery Hangout, Book Talk, etc. We'll show you how to find different opportunities for collaboration so your class can make connections outside the classroom walls.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Heather Miller</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b>This class will be geared toward teachers who have created a Google Classroom and are ready for a fast paced, intensive guided tour through its features. After creating assignments, quizzes, and announcements, participants will move on to learn about resources- such as Newsela, Edpuzzle, and Google Forms- that easily integrate into Google Classroom.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Jennifer Heine</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 3rd – 8th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b>In this class participants will be introduced to student product creation ideas using Google Drawings and create Google drawings templates for use with students. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter:</b> Jennifer Heine</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> This session will cover tactics to organize and manage e-mail, as well as how e-mail works with Skype and calendar.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Amanda Galvin</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre- K – 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> Math</div><div><b>Details:</b> Let's spice up your math content by adding in virtual manipulatives and other cool SMART Notebook tools. There are many easy to use tools that will add instant engagement. This course will show you how to find and access these tools.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Amanda Galvin</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Engage your students with an amazing tool: Nearpod. With Nearpod, students can view and interact with presentations, quizzes, forms, or polls on any device with an Internet connection. Come find out how to use Nearpod in your classroom. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Jodi Harris</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 6th – 12th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details: </b>An introduction to Breakout EDU. This class will give you several templates for you to use to create your own digital Breakout EDU lessons. No need for physical boxes and locks when you go digital. You will need your laptop for this class.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Paola Villalón-Perezsandi</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> This course will teach you the basics of App Smashing and several apps you can use to achieve that challenge. A list of apps will be emailed to you prior to the session. Make sure to either download them yourself or put in a help desk ticket (if your campus has already been "refreshed"). This is a more advanced course for iPad users. An iPad is required.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Scott Mayer</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Learn the intricacies of your SmartBoard to help self diagnose and resolve Smart Board issues.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Jordan Nutt</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre- K – 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> Math</div><div><b>Details:</b> Come explore a variety of quality, free, and easy-to-use virtual manipulative apps and how to integrate them in your elementary classroom. You can expect to learn how to navigate and create within the apps, as well as how to share and present your work. In addition, you will learn how task cards can guide student learning while working in the apps. Bring an iPad with all of the Clarity Innovations apps downloaded (https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/clarity-innovations/id496057952). </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Teresa Brown</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Come learn about some of the apps you can use with Seesaw to build digital student portfolios. Bring your laptop and iPad with the following apps installed: Seesaw, Shadow Puppet EDU, Pic Collage Kids, Chatterpix Kids, Talking Cutie(iPhone app), Popplet Lite, Doodle Buddy, and Tellagami.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Sarah Sepulveda</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre-K – 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Explore your instructional technology specialists' favorite apps. Tried and true applications you can use to support instruction across the curriculum. And they are already on your district device!</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Ann Hargrove</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Description:</b> In this session, you will learn what design elements make a great presentation. We will also explore various presentation websites like Buncee and Google Slides. Must bring your laptop to this session.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Paola Villalon-Perezsandi</div><div><b>Grades:</b> Pre-K – 5th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Learn how to create a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. FEATURES: Easily Capture Student Learning in Any Form ∙ Students can use photos, videos, drawings, text notes, links to show what they know. Your laptop or iPad is required.</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Paola Villalon-Perezsandi</div><div><b>Grades:</b> All </div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> Come and explore various digital assessment tools that will increase student engagement and success in the classroom. The exciting use of Quizizz, Quizlet, Smart, and Google quizzes will give your learners a voice that impacts how you are teaching and help differentiate their learning. Must bring your laptop. iPad is optional. </div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
<div><b>Presenter: </b>Michelle Haider</div><div><b>Grades:</b> 6th – 12th</div><div><b>Content area:</b> All</div><div><b>Details:</b> If you thought Seesaw's digital portfolio was for tots, think again!! Come see what seesaw is all about. In this course you will learn how to weave SeeSaw into your curriculum with engaging activities for any grade level and subject area. Aiming for Distinguished on TTESS? Learn how using Seesaw can help meet this mark for high achievement in the TTESS dimensions. It's fun and super easy. (Bring your iPad).</div> northeast.schoolobjects.com
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